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Branding is a cycle

When it comes to branding, many people's first reaction is brand marketing, brand planning, brand promotion, etc., but if you think about it, branding is actually a cycle: let people know you, sell your things, let more People know you and sell more of your stuff.But such a cycle of reincarnation can be achieved even if there is no brand, so why bother with the "brand"?The key is brand premium.The same thing, with a brand, its price can be set higher.
So how to improve the brand's premium ability?It is mainly divided into the following two ways: enhancing the social influence of the brand and improving the user experience.
XNUMX. Enhance the social influence of the brand
A brand can attract people because it can drive a "trend".There is enough influence to advocate a way of life.For example, many people are after stars, so the "same style" used by this star will be highly sought after by fans. Even if it is not easy to use, they will feel "really fragrant".This is because the star has influence in their hearts; and among similar products, there is another product that is not used by the star, so I believe that this product will not be very popular among the star's fan base. good market.
As a brand, if you want to increase social influence, it is a way to find celebrity endorsements, but it is not necessarily the best way, because no matter who you are, there are "passers-by" and even "black fans", and only a part of them are caught. People are far from enough.People generally trust those brands that contribute to society, so it is better to do public welfare and charity. Now a good evaluation has been established in the society. The influence of this method can attract more people than celebrity endorsements.
XNUMX. Improve user experience
The success of some brands depends on hundreds of years of craftsmanship and enduring product design... and then they have become synonymous with luxury goods.We will find that people are reluctant to enter the stores of some luxury brands. On the one hand, the price is expensive, and on the other hand, it is because of the "snobbery" of the clerk, saying that this is a big bully.The current brand cannot suddenly accumulate a long-term brand precipitation, and attracting more people to make purchases is the goal, so the user experience must be good.Good service may not necessarily lead to conversions, but it can retain old customers and develop more potential customers, while poor service often pushes customers to rival stores.

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