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The three major misunderstandings of Internet marketing, do not approach the pit!

Internet marketing has increasingly become an indispensable key point for corporate publicity, but companies often make some misjudgments based on various reasons. The following summarizes the three major misunderstandings. Don't let "you think" become your stumbling block.
XNUMX. Product wins, no need for publicity
Some companies have good products, but think that good products can win customers?There was an old saying, "The fragrance of wine is not afraid of deep alleys".This may have been true at the time, but that was when there was only one liquor store in an alley.In the current market, no matter which industry your company chooses to develop in, there will inevitably be many competitors, and the homogeneity is serious.Therefore, if an enterprise blindly believes that its products are good and of high quality, and can win customers without relying on any means of publicity, this can only be said to be "wonderful".If there is no publicity, no matter how good your product is, it will be drowned out by the clamor of other products, and customers are tired of dealing with the repeated publicity offensive. your turn.
XNUMX. Internet marketing is "high and high", and there is no financial support
To tell the truth, Internet marketing can be said to be the most cost-effective way to promote.Because the price of Internet marketing is lower than some other marketing methods, and relying on Internet marketing can allow you to consume a small amount of energy and financial resources while obtaining higher returns, which is very cost-effective.Especially for many companies in the early stage of their business, they operate with the concept of cost saving and splitting a penny in half. The marketing of "big scene" is not so much capital, and the second is that they cannot afford it, which is very expensive. It is possible that the company will be dragged down by expensive marketing methods before it can pay off.So if you want to publicize and promote, Internet marketing is here.
XNUMX. Have a good idea, open for three years
It's hard to talk about a good idea.One soars into the sky, and some drowns in the mud.Don't think that everything will be fine if you find a good marketing idea, because it is very likely that you are just filled with a bowl of "poisonous chicken soup" by those inspirational stories. Don't think about it, why is chicken soup chicken soup, because all the chicken is eaten, and only the left Soup is down.There are no people in this world who are popular for no reason. The ones you see, everyone relies on their usual accumulation, precipitation, and hard work step by step, and hard work is not enough, but also catch Quasi-opportunity, the right time and the right place and the right people, can be successful.
Internet marketing is a long-term job, and you won't achieve any results if you try it. You think it's useless, just because you don't use it.

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