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How to set up a stall to make money every day_Marketing strategy of stall

Recently, according to Premier Li’s speech, we learned that there are 6 million people in the country who only have a monthly income of 1000 yuan. This 1000 yuan may even be difficult to rent a house in a medium-sized city. Oh, when I say that it is difficult, I think of myself as a hindrance for the country, and I failed to make it in the whole country. Blame yourself for how much you contribute to the road to a well-off society.In order to solve the problems of people's livelihood and people's livelihood, favorable policies have been issued, and the establishment of street stalls has become a loosely controlled or even supported project. Then, how to set up street stalls?

Stall placement in compliance with policy

Scattering everywhere affects the image of a big country. You can't set up street stalls to take advantage of trillions of dollars. I see that many street stall industries have emerged as the times require, such as stall security, stall brand building, etc., which have indeed stimulated the economy, but you have to have proof. no.

Street stalls are another outlet after e-commerce

Street stalls have many advantages. There is no rent, no warehouse, and there is no risk of finding fake goods after on-the-spot inspection. However, in order to set up a street stall, we still need some marketing methods that we are familiar with, such as:
The stall is started, looking for the support (offline) corresponding to the order (online)
The slogans of the stalls, "Fake one pays ten", "The boss ran away with his sister-in-law and sold it at a loss"
To build the image of the street stall, let the front desk do the sales and Wuling as the booth, and don't forget to design a logo for the street stall
Street booth live broadcast, Online 2 Offline combined online and offline
Settled in Meituan, the rider will be delivered to home in 1 hour
Integrity evaluation, Taobao, Jingdong, Douyin, Kuaishou and other platforms have opened street stall channels, and give 5-star evaluation to street stalls through payment
Street stall map, Baidu map and AutoNavi map have opened green channels for the stalls, allowing people to quickly find the stalls with the goods they need nearby
Information flow advertisements on the stalls are placed on nearby people through information advertisements such as WeChat, Baidu, Weibo, etc., so that people nearby who have relevant product demand attributes can receive advertisements
Stall 400. According to the above marketing methods, the demand for stall products will continue to increase. It is necessary to call 400 to avoid the trouble of busy lines.
Street stall news, publicity and promotion according to two points in the daily street stall marketing process by publishing Baijiahao, news, etc.
Street stall word-of-mouth, build Baidu Tieba, Baidu know, forum promotion and other word-of-mouth, let the fans of the stall continue to support your work
Street stalls are operated on behalf of both micro- and Douyin, the WeChat public account and Weibo account are established, and Douyin is established to upgrade the brand of street stalls.
Street stall trademarks, to be a century-old street stall, have intellectual property awareness, avoid trying to be stolen by others, in the Internet age, a business name that belongs to you is still very important
For the construction of street stall culture, why should we do street stalls?For example, "Let people passing by in the world stop thinking about Ta's pancake fruit"
The maintenance of the online image of the stall, the official website of the stall, the encyclopedia of the stall, the video of the stall, the word-of-mouth of the stall, the stall map, the stall 400, the stall news, and the stall pictures are all displayed on the first screen, and the brand and customers can be fully communicated through the Internet.
Stall management, brand franchising, 1000 yuan can join the stall, including 1000 yuan products
It turns out that with such a development, we have wasted decades of time and did not pay attention to the huge potential of this traditional industry. Now there is finally a chance to show off your skills. I want to say that setting up a street stall is a great opportunity that you will never encounter in a century. , make a street stall brand, find米国生活.

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