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Enterprise network marketing planned by bujo hand account thinking

what is bujo? The full name of bujo is: bullet journal, which means "bullet journal" when translated into Chinese.
Bujo is actually a method of taking notes. It is most commonly used in life and study records. It is suitable for planning long-term and short-term goals.According to your own needs, you can flexibly change the sections and modes, and its core has three points: fast, concise, and efficient.
So what is the relationship between corporate network marketing and bujo account?Actually, it doesn't matter.But if you use the thinking of bujo account to do network marketing, then the complex and cumbersome daily content will become fast, concise and efficient!
The thinking of bujo hand account is the overall planning and subdivision.The same is true of corporate network marketing, and there must be a goal first.Then break down the target into pieces and break them one by one.
First of all, the first step of network marketing is usually positioning, and then the selection of channels, the planning and operation of promotion methods, etc. These are regarded as the most basic modules, and under these modules, there are many branches, such as the first One-step positioning is divided into: product positioning, customer positioning, selling point positioning... .If it is further subdivided, it is each specific job, and these specific jobs can be regarded as one "bullet", and different "bullets" are assigned to different employees to deal with and set a deadline.Enterprises can use this kind of thinking to establish such a directory form:
Enterprise network marketing planning
XNUMX. Positioning
1. Product positioning
〉Market research... (arranged to the marketing department to complete the survey report on June 6)
〉Product image, logo design... (arranged to the design department to complete the first draft before June 6)
〉The first discussion meeting... (held on July 7st, with the participation of ministers and above, the materials are the investigation report and the first draft of the design)
2. Customer positioning
3. Selling point positioning
XNUMX. Channel selection
XNUMX. Promotion method
XNUMX. Operation management
In this way, the network marketing planning that seems to be a large project can actually be subdivided into several departments to carry out at the same time, and the method of setting time points will not delay the whole planning process, and even if there is a problem, it can be quickly responsible. When it comes to people, there will be no mutual shirk between departments.In this way, the daunting network marketing planning work is actually very simple.

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