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Enterprise marketing, comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the three promotion methods, choose carefully and do not follow blindly

Promotion is a very important part of online marketing for enterprises. Good promotion effect can help enterprises to expand their brand strength. For enterprises, there are three popular promotion methods: seo optimization, self-media platform promotion, video promotion, These three Internet promotion methods also have their own merits, so which promotion method is more suitable for your business, you can refer to the analysis below:
XNUMX. SEO optimization
The rise of seo optimization is not long, but it has developed rapidly and has become a mainstream network promotion method.
Advantages: low cost investment and high cost performance, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises or start-ups, it is a good way.Many companies choose to outsource SEO optimization instead of doing it themselves, which is also a time-saving and labor-saving option, but there will be a problem in this way, that is, the problem of choosing companies that do SEO optimization.
Disadvantages: choose carelessly, fall into the "trap".For the choice of seo outsourcing companies, it is recommended that enterprises choose "white hat seo" to improve the ranking of corporate websites through proper technology. Do not blindly pursue speed, but choose "black hat seo". "Sugar-coated cannonballs".If the enterprise wants to develop in the long term, this method will only fall into the "trap" for the enterprise, which is harmful and unhelpful.
Suggestion: Be sure to choose a reliable white hat seo, and it is very important to consult more in the early stage.
XNUMX. Self-media platform promotion
From the media platform, the first thing that everyone thinks of should be Douyin and WeChat.
Advantages: no threshold, low cost, large traffic.These are the more dazzling characteristics of self-media platform promotion.
Disadvantages: Drainage is difficult.We-media platform promotion has become a trend, and the platform’s traffic has not been occupied by companies that entered early or with strong momentum. Therefore, now whether it is a large company or a small company that has just touched the self-media platform, they want to get a piece of the pie. becomes a difficult problem, and the result is often laborious and ineffective.
Suggestion: In the current market where content is king, if you want to stand out on the self-media platform, there is only one thing in mind: improve the quality of content.
XNUMX. Video promotion
Advantages: easy to be accepted by the crowd.The content of text transmission requires the audience to process in their minds and then present the image, which is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process.Contemporary people deal with tens of thousands of information every day, so they are often tired of thinking. Therefore, for now, picture content is more acceptable than text content, and video content is more acceptable than picture content. The way to promote the film is more attractive than advertising in newspapers and magazines.
Cons: Expensive.Although it is said that uploading videos on video websites is free, but if you want to show good results, shooting, post-production, etc. are indispensable, and money is also indispensable. Therefore, compared with small businesses, this method of video promotion is It is more suitable for large enterprises with sufficient publicity expenses.
Suggestion: This method is more suitable for large-scale enterprises to consolidate market share. Of course, if your enterprise is rich and willful, this is also a good way to quickly enter the market.

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