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About brand planning

Why make a brand?It is because the brand can bring a premium to the owner and generate an intangible asset that adds value.Brand planning is the way to make a brand a brand.
Brand planning is to make the corporate image and product brand form a personalized distinction in the minds of consumers, and to form a unified value between consumers and the corporate brand and product brand, so as to establish their own brand. Brand sound.
So how should we do brand planning, and what kind of thinking and process should we use to carry out this work?I believe the following content can provide you with some reference:
1. Analysis of the current situation
First of all, the enterprise should have an analysis and evaluation of its own status. What is the enterprise like?What is the product like?What is the brand like?Only by recognizing yourself can you see the advantages you have and the deficiencies you need to make up for.
2. Target analysis
After understanding your current situation, you can "base on the present and focus on the future". What kind of expectations do you have for the future of the company itself, products and brands, you must plan based on this goal, and what behaviors can be used to achieve this goal? It is the initial framework of brand planning.
3. Market analysis
Enterprises based on the market must have a full understanding of the market. The general environment of the market, the market conditions of the industry in which the company is located, the brand positioning and strategies of competitors in the same industry, etc., all need to be understood by the company. of.
4. Specific content planning
After completing the above-mentioned series of analysis work, the company should scrutinize the specific content of brand planning.A series of contents such as market positioning, brand structure, brand logo, slogan, etc., are established on the basis of the above analysis contents.However, the initial planning cannot be comprehensive, so the brand planning often needs to be increased and improved in practice.
5. Brand promotion
With a strategy, the next step is promotion. On the one hand, it helps the brand to quickly enter the market, and on the other hand, it maintains the brand's position in the market. It cannot be considered that once it has occupied a certain share, it can be relaxed. The so-called "back waves of the Yangtze River push forward waves" , Your brand success and failure are the teaching materials for others to learn.

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