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Brand promotion, do you want to choose the audience?

Brand promotion refers to a series of activities in which an enterprise shapes the image of itself, its products and services, and makes it widely recognized by consumers.The main purpose is to increase brand awareness.From an image point of view, brand promotion needs to take the core value of the brand as the axis. Whether it is the new product developed by the company, the new packaging designed, or any marketing and promotion activities of the company, it is all about this axis. .
Then, some people may think that the more people see it, the more people know it, then the brand promotion will be done well. In fact, not necessarily.
You deduce the core value of the brand, no matter how good it is, some people will not buy it, after all, because everyone has their own preferences and aesthetics.And the more well-known a brand is, the easier it is to be on the cusp of the storm, blindly thinking that it can "ride the wind and waves", but it is often slapped on the beach by the back waves...
We want to do brand promotion, the important thing is not to let more people know, but to let more people who "need to know" know.It’s like you live in the North Pole, and there are advertisements for refrigeration and air conditioners on TV. No matter how good the performance of this air conditioner is and how low its energy consumption is, then you who live in an average temperature of minus 15°C to 20°C all year round will not need it. On the contrary, you will feel that the air conditioner is not good because of your own preferences, and then you will feel disgusted with this product and even the brand. Even if the small sun heater launched by this brand is very suitable for you, you will not think about it again. Buy products from this brand.
Therefore, to do brand promotion, you need to select the audience, and let people who really need your products or like your brand see you. This is a good effect.

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