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How much does a PR agency cost to remove negatives?What is normal operation?

End of 2019AmwayThe public relations incident seems to be still in my ears, and at the end of 2020, it will bevipshop doorevent againPRThe industry has sounded the alarm, of course, it is the fate of black public relations to end in tragedy, sooner or later,米国生活It is recommended that practitioners in the industry do not rob when they see a profit, and do so when they see it. ", to achieve "a gentleman loves money and takes it in a proper way".

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Source media: Red Star News, Red Star News reporter Li Weiming Li Chen
The text of the news report:
Recently, a judgment case published by China Judgment Documents Network revealed the inside story of companies paying public relations companies to illegally delete relevant negative news or negative public opinions.
According to the judgment, the court found out that from 2016 to June 2019, Chenxitong Company successively cooperated with Vipshop (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Vipshop) and Guangzhou Huihui Payment Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The company (hereinafter referred to as: Huihui Payment), Shenzhen Wanmou and other companies have reached a network optimization service agreement, and have provided services such as sinking, deleting, and shielding negative information through the information network for many times.
Vipshop Public Relations deletes judgment documents

Screenshot of the referee

Among them, in order to delete the negative news that appeared on the Internet, Huihui paid to the public relations company at a price ranging from 2500 yuan to 8000 yuan per article.On the other hand, Vipshop signed a so-called "public opinion optimization" business with public relations companies. On the one hand, it handles negative news and public opinions on the Internet, and at the same time publishes press releases to the online platform. In 2019, it signed a monthly keyword optimization fee with the public relations company. 85 yuan.
In addition, the public relations company also spent 15 yuan to become the owner of the “Vipshop Club” post bar. As long as there is a negative post on Vipshop in the post bar, it will delete the post directly.
Public opinion optimizationhow much is it?
According to the judgment, at the end of April 2019, there was some negative news about Huihui Payment, and the company subsequently signed the "Convergence Payment Website Consulting Service Contract" with Guangzhou Chenxitong Advertising Media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Chenxitong Advertising Company"). Mainly used to aggregate payment processing negative news.
According to the confession of Ye Mou1, the marketing manager of Huihui Payment, the contract had an attachment at that time, and the attachment stated that Chenxitong Advertising Company was required to deal with 35 negative news for it, but only 5 negative news were dealt with in mid-May, and the company’s positive publicity was released. 9 news items.Ye Mou24 thought that the ability of Chenxitong Advertising Company to handle things was not as good as its publicity, so after the settlement of 1 yuan, the cooperative relationship between the two parties ended.
Ye Mou1 confessed that Huihui Payment negotiates fees according to different platforms, and settles a different amount to Chenxitong Advertising Company for each piece of negative news, ranging from 2500 yuan to 8000 yuan, and the specific amount is based on the amount it provides The contract shall prevail.According to his confession, the total contract value of the "Joint Payment Website Consulting Service Contract" signed by Huihui Payment was 155000 yuan, but only 37700 yuan was actually paid to the other party.
Vipshop also has a public opinion optimization business with Chenxitong Advertising Company, that is, public opinion optimization for Baidu and the entire network platform.
According to Song Mou, director of Vipshop's public relations and communication department, "I remember that I started to cooperate with them at the end of 2017." Song Mou said that the cooperation is mainly to achieve public opinion control through a large number of publications. If there is negative public opinion, false or false , Vipshop complained to the online platform about fake news, or sent a retraction letter to Chenxitong Advertising Company for falsely accused news, asking them to handle the retraction.
Allegedly, Vipshop's on-duty personnel found that there was negative public opinion about false or false accusations, and they notified relevant personnel of Chenxitong Advertising Company to deal with it through webmail or WeChat.Song said that in 2019, the monthly keyword optimization fee signed with Chenxitong Advertising Company reached 85 yuan, and the specific amount is subject to the contract provided by the company. "They issue more than 20 press releases for the company every month. , Generally, a manuscript needs to be published in 30 to XNUMX channels.”
How to deal with negative information?
Then, after Chenxitong Advertising Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Huihui Payment and Vipshop, in addition to issuing a press release, how did it deal with negative information?
The legal person and actual controller of Chenxitong Company, Yang Mou2, stated that there are four specific operation methods:
First, take Vipshop as an example. There is the only certified "Vipshop Bar" in the post bar. The qualification of this bar owner is purchased from the platform. The annual fee is 15 yuan, but the premise is that you must obtain After obtaining the authorization, the company applies to purchase this bar owner qualification, so that if there is a negative post on Vipshop in the post bar, the bar owner can delete this post directly.
Second, if an inaccurate report against a company's client is found on the Internet, the company will find the source of the report and issue a "Retraction Letter" to the website, official account, and moderators, asking them to revoke the inaccurate report.
Third, after the "Retraction Letter" was invalid, the company wrote a large number of positive reports from customers, and through these articles, let those negative articles settle as soon as possible and disappear on the first page.
Fourth, after exhausting the above three methods, if the negative article still cannot be eliminated, the company will find someone who can solve the problem to deal with the article.
The biggest problem often appears in this fourth point.
Yang Mou 2 said that when they couldn't deal with the first three methods, they could only contact the black intermediary. The price of the specific service did not have a fixed price, and the price was negotiated for each event and each article.According to Yang 2, the ultimate method of the black intermediary is not to delete the post, but to move the negative article to a remote corner of the website, that is, the article cannot be found by normal search methods.
Yang 2 said that they generally sign annual service contracts with companies.According to him, the company has a service agreement for an annual, a certain, or specific case. The agreement stipulates how many positive articles must be published in a certain period of time, and how much time is required for feedback on negative articles.At the same time, the non-negative rate requirement is 70% to 80%, that is, at least seven to eight articles out of 10 articles on a search page are positive articles or at least neutral articles. "Our company's main service content is to help clients write positive articles, commonly known as 'soft articles'."
In addition, their service agreement with the customer does not state that they want to delete the post, but in fact the customer will verbally request to delete the post.Allegedly, the issue of fees for removing negative articles, they sometimes find it directly on TaobaoBlack intermediary, and some are a few hundred yuan or one or two thousand.In addition, if some public opinion problems requested by customers cannot be solved and need special treatment, they will find people who can delete posts and negotiate prices through QQ or WeChat groups.
Yang Mou 2 confessed that the company began to cooperate with Vipshop at the end of 2016, and conducted public opinion management for Vipshop on the five platforms of Baidu, Zhihu, Wukong, WeChat and Weibo. The main content is to publish articles and deal with some old negatives Use some positive information to suppress information keywords, apply for retraction on WeChat and Weibo, deal with unexpected negative information, etc.
Han Mou, who is in charge of the post deletion business of Chenxitong Advertising Company, confessed that if it is urgent to deal with negative news, the price is generally more expensive, and a piece of information is about 3000 to 20000 yuan.
How to optimize the technology to make the search first?
In addition to dealing with negative information,Chen Xitong Advertising CompanyAlso offers to search for top businesses on the website.
Mr. Han, who was in charge of the post deletion business at Chenxitong Advertising Co., confessed that if a client’s website needs to be searched first on Baidu, they will technically optimize the client’s website so that their website can be searched first.
Allegedly, they will search the Baidu algorithm, so that the customer's website can be ranked in the top position in Baidu, and each time the cost is about several thousand to tens of thousands.
Specific practices include:
First, by modifying the code of the customer's website, modifying and increasing the search keywords, making it more in line with the Baidu website search rules.
Second, be responsible for the daily update of the customer's website, so as to keep the website in theBaidu ranking.
Third, increase external links, contact other large portal websites, and let them add customer URLs to increase the traffic of customer websites.
Fourth, through the Know column of Baidu, the staff will post questions by themselves, and then answer them by themselves; or cooperate with some big V of Zhihu, they will charge a certain standard for asking a question or answering a question. The content of the question and answer All are referrals related to the client's website.
According to Han, Chenxitong's customers mainly include Vipshop, Ou, Guang 2, and Teufel Audio.
Red Star News reporter Li Weiming and Li Chen
Edited by Chen Cheng
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Black PR ecology

Black public relations are relative to white public relations. There is no distinction between black and red in public relations. However, some unscrupulous people engage in black public relations for the sake of profit, which leads to the deterioration of the industry ecology. The practice of public relations itself is to solve problems through communication. , With the development of technology and the development of the industry, because of money, the difficulty of public relations has increased, and sometimes technical access is required.So, what is the ecology of black public relations?


"No business, no harm." The more you spend money, the more you can't spend money, the more money you spend, the more things you do, because your money is already on your mind.Don't spend money to settle the matter and return to the matter itself, in order to remain calm.米国生活Think that when you choose to spend money, it means that you have a guilty conscience, otherwise, you would not have started down this road.Although you can find the excessive or even illegal behavior of the other person when cultivating the human nature of others to be infinitely evil, you cannot erase the possible evil in your heart;米国生活I will not support you because of your excessive injury this time, and hope that you cantreat the world right.don't honest, be kind.


These sellers may be the producers of negative news. If they have formed a business chain of negative information release + deletion, they may also be the channel manufacturers of negative news. The manufacturers have no bottom line, and the channel dealers have no ethics.If you do network marketing, search engine optimization, and you use QQ, there are many people who will pull you into the group and tell you about seller channels. Of course, you can also go to a treasure to actively look for it, but what surprised us is that , the monthly service fee of a Vipshop brand can be so high.
With the development of the times, technology has become a means for sellers. They can modify the information captured by search engines on news news. That is to say, the content of articles can be inconsistent with the snapshot information of webpages captured by search engines, and the snapshots may Exaggerated or abnormal.This is one of them, and the other details are not explained here.

X media

X Media is not a definition. The author forgot the specific name. It means that the seller wants money, but doesn't want to speak. Linking needs and solutions has become a gray area and an unspoken rule that seems feasible. This method of operation is actually a commercial extortion, but on the surface, it is the brand that spends money to publish news to avoid being targeted for publishing negative information , however, this is also a road of no return.

How to identify black PR?

First of all, you can ask the other party how to deal with the public relations, whether it is the above points, if so, then it is black public relations;
In addition, after the "black public relations" incident occurred in the public relations industry, you asked him whether there was negative news in his company and whether it could handle public relations.If the other party replies, "The wind is a little tight now, I can't do it." It can be concluded that it is a black public relations; if the other party says "The negative is sent to me, let's analyze it", then basically it is to guide you on the right track.
If it still cannot be identified, it depends on whether its behavior has caused malicious damage to the ecology.”Big Bear, Big Bear, strong bald head and cutting down trees”, we need to stop the destruction and together protect a part of our living environment – ​​the cyber environment.

The way of public relations

Public relations itself is a legitimate process of identifying public opinion and network information, correcting excessive criticism, admitting mistakes and improving correct criticism.The existence of black PR is like a black swan, which makes us feel unnatural.just likeSearch Engine OptimizationThere are black hat methods, and white hat methods are the same. We know that white hat methods are the real and lasting solution. Although black has great power and quick results, it cannot escape short-lived.

PR review process

SEO-Website Construction-Public Opinion Monitoring Process Improvement

米国生活Public opinion managementBrand PR

01Monitoring, bigger companies are better with public opinion monitoring system for network information management, so that we can grasp network information at the first time.
02 Early warning, through the public opinion monitoring system to manage good, neutral, or bad information, and give early warning to bad information;
03 Judgment, for some bad information, it cannot be allowed to develop. It is necessary to study and judge whether it is because of internal management, or the reason for the lack of implementation of the external industry chain, or a product problem, or a service problem, or no problem and was hacked , to make an objective judgment;
04 Processing, according to different situations, different processing;
05 Repair, for brand problems, the statement that needs to be declared, the explanation that needs to be explained, needs to be promoted and promoted, and the positive image of the brand needs to be repaired to achieve the actual appearance of the brand;
06 Improvement, through process improvement, product improvement, and improvement of response methods, enhance the relationship between the brand and the society, enhance the stickiness between the brand and the user, and further integrate into the society and become a part of the life of more consumers.

PR Ecosystem Improvement

Each role in the ecology should find its own position, fulfill the responsibilities of its own role, jointly maintain a positive situation, and return to the basics.

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