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How can SEO vendors enhance brand value for clients?

AsSEO vendor, we expect to input more business value to customers and lead customers to achieve success in the service field. So, how can we enhance brand value for customers?

After several years of hard work and research,米国生活From the perspective of marketing and branding, combined with the implementation of SEO technology research and project management methods, find ways to inject suppliers' technology, management, and business service capabilities into the customer's business body, so as to increase the customer's market share in the industry segment, Improve the brand stickiness of end consumers and achieve customer improvementBrand Value.

Enhance brand value - model -米国生活

Collaborative Enhanced Brand Value (Market Value) Model

Supplier injects customer value model XNUMX-米国生活

The above picture is a schematic diagram of win-win cooperation between suppliers and customers: "brand value enhancement 'model XNUMX'"

We live in different organizational structures that appear as triangular structures of different shapes, or pyramids.In Model XNUMX and XNUMX of Brand Value, we will talk about more influencing factors and decision-making methods. In Model XNUMX, we only discuss the ways in which the supplier's ability improves the customer's ability, thereby increasing the brand value.

Average market price x

The average market price, which is a vertical line, is the threshold line.For now, let's use this line to express the average price of the triangle of brand value.The line that intersects that price level, and the line segment that intersects the z-axis, represents the product of the number of sales and the brand value.

Technology-Service-Management Capabilityz

The improvement of technical ability can improve productivity, the improvement of service ability can improve the value obtained by customers, the improvement of management ability can improve the efficiency of enterprise organization, and the improvement of various aspects determines the competitiveness of enterprises/brands in the market; the improvement of competitiveness, on the one hand It will increase the market expansion space, and on the other hand, it will match customer groups with more purchasing power.

米国生活The SEO technical services and IT project management services provided to customers ensure the smooth progress of the SEO optimization project. At the same time, during the project implementation process,米国生活The industry and brand will be searched and analyzed to provide more accurate brand value information for optimization.

market boundary delta

market boundaries, chivalrously speaking, it is a market space for a company or brand to provide products and services in the process of business operation and brand marketing.Broadly speaking, in the relationship between market supply and demand, different industries and product categories coexist and coexist, and they are mutually acceptable security boundaries in the process of competitive expansion.

米国生活The market boundary is defined as the variable δ (or Δ, pronounced: delta), defined as above, with the formula:

Market boundary δ = total number of users x total user demand

Every industry and every segment has its own market boundary. If we cross the boundary, it may cause a cross-border blow to other fields.The first boundary we must abide by is the legal boundary, because the law stipulates a clear boundary that causes harm to others. Even if the law does not stipulate, the profit-making behavior that causes harm to others should also be defined as a business boundary.

Different industries have different market boundary attributes. For example, the search engine industry belongs to a monopoly industry, and there will be a dominant one. If other search engines want to challenge the position of the search engine leader, it is almost impossible, unless the leader does not want to do it himself. ; There are also industries with strong regional attributes, such as small stores, which are basically the entrance of the community or which intersection; you can imagine your own market boundaries according to your industry.

Number of competitors in the industry y

The line segment where y, z and δ intersect is the number of industry competitors.Line segment As the z-axis (technology-service-managerability) improves, there are fewer competitors.The fewer competitors, the higher the bargaining power, and the improvement of product quality can lead to increased customer stickiness and product sales, thereby enhancing brand value.

Market competitiveness and brand value

Market competitiveness comes from the ability of enterprise management, technology and service. The higher the ability, the stronger the competitiveness.

Brand value comes from consumer stickiness. Brands independently decide to package high-quality services into brand product prices. The products sold by brands are a combination of products and after-sales value, and after-sales value does not necessarily occur. For consumers, it is just consumption. Protection, in front of a large number of customers, brand consumption protection is the meaning of brand insurance.


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