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Internet brand marketing promotion case

It is said that it is possible to do brand marketing over the screen, but the over screen is just a concept. There are two different understandings of this concept:

First, the whole network release, that is, the so-called tyranny of many network marketing promotion service providers;

Second, the brand dominates the screen, namely米国生活The searched brand words within the ability can appear on the official website of the brand, the brand encyclopedia, the brand post bar, the brand know, the brand picture, the brand video, the small video, the brand hot discussion, the recent brand related news, the brand map, the brand recruitment and other information.

The result of brand screen optimization

Through the optimization of brand words, the brand can be optimized into what the brand should look like, reflecting the quality and pursuit of the brand. The following is the comparison before and after our optimization of brand words.For details, click on the link of the brand screen case.

Brand screen optimization case-米国生活

Green is the information that the brand official website, encyclopedia and other brands want to see.Red is advertising, and advertising can also be handled, but requires a trademark certificate; yellow is messy, which is the performance of the management in the process of market operation. Therefore, the improvement suggestion of brand operation in the process of brand optimization is our added value.

Brand screen optimization case-detailed display-米国生活

Brand screen optimization solution

The brand screen optimization plan is mainly determined by the actual situation of the brand, and is roughly divided into two parts: positive optimization and negative suppression.If a big brand fails to find a good way of business or the social environment forces you to take some paths that should not be taken during the operation process, then disputes and misunderstandings with consumers will easily arise. At this time, it needs to be accompanied by brand public relations. Carry out optimization processing, mainly public opinion monitoring and process processing.

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