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How to Make Encyclopedia Entries for Free - Encyclopedia Encyclopedia Entries for Businesses and Brands

BrandsThe market of Encyclopedia entries is quite chaotic, because the quality standards are different, and the price standards are also different. Some Encyclopedia entries cost hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. In fact, you don't need to spend that money. We will tell you how to do it for free. That's it.Because the basic enterprise encyclopedia entry and the basic brand encyclopedia entry are too simple, or the internal processing method of the industry has been determined.

Encyclopedia entry creation-Baidu optimization-米国生活

Industry-based rules for encyclopedia entries

Encyclopedia, also called entry, Baidu Encyclopedia, also called Baidu entry, enterprise encyclopedia, also called enterprise entry, brand encyclopedia, also called brand entry, that is the thing.

Enterprise Encyclopedia Entry Creation

Under normal circumstances, there is no need to spend money to create enterprise encyclopedia entries, because Baidu has already created them for most enterprises. Baidu will directly create enterprise encyclopedia entries for you according to the industrial and commercial information, and create a business account named "w_ou".米国生活It is judged to be an internal Baidu account (Baidu Baike officially does not declare and does not seem to declare it, but countless enterprise entries are created and updated by w_ou. Of course, it is also possible that this w_ou will be replaced by a different city name later, because The update SQL statement for batch replacement is very simple, if you see it now, then it is him).

What if Baidu doesn't generate an Encyclopedia entry for you?Just create one automatically, hold the business license, or find the link in the National Enterprise Information Query System to automatically create one, and the reference source is the National Enterprise Information Query System.

Quietly tell you the address: National Enterprise Information Credit Inquiry:

Brand Encyclopedia Entry Creation

The rules for creating brand encyclopedia entries are formulated by Baidu Encyclopedia, which is very simple and speechless.The rules are as follows: cite the trademark through the trademark search system, and find the trademark as the source of the trademark citation.The content of the brand encyclopedia entry is that the XXX brand is how many types of trademarks and how many trademark numbers are applied by XXX company.

It's simple, so you can create a branded entry.

Many people spend money to handle such an entry because it is cheap, but it is a bit difficult to change it.However, there will be no standard for brand entries, because the person reviewing the brand encyclopedia simply does not understand what a brand is.Look at the following, this honor, this culture, really makes people speechless and unable to play the piano to the cow.

Wanciba screen is an illegal business in the SEO industry (borrowing a large number of third-party websites to collect articles and send spam content to make Baidu's favorite algorithm temporary ranking), and it was applied for a trademark because "it can be done without prohibition by law (violation)", and we The judges who want to know the situation within the industry and the industry in the whole country are basically imaginary.

Wanciba Baidu Encyclopedia

If the brand wants to be a high-quality brand encyclopedia, then the Critina Encyclopedia we maintain, several updates in it are all quoted Critina news. worth it.

Wikipedia for other platforms

At present, after the Encyclopedia entries on the Baidu platform are generated, Sogou, 360, etc. will automatically crawl Encyclopedia, while Google and Bing will not automatically generate Encyclopedia, they are just pure search engines, Wikipedia is not under their control, they It does not interfere with the content of encyclopedia. Therefore, Wikipedia is a more objective encyclopedia. It has clear rules for creation, auditing, and writing rules for the company. The auditing rules of domestic encyclopedias, whether right or wrong, are all determined by Baidu encyclopedia. However, the error rate of Baidu Encyclopedia is really high. Only a carefully maintained encyclopedia can improve its accuracy. After all, no one can improve the accuracy of brand Encyclopedia entries for free, and it takes time and costs (such as ,distribute news).

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