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The concept of database marketing and marketing characteristics

Database marketing is not only a marketing method, tool, technology and platform, but also a business philosophy. It also changes the marketing mode and service mode of the enterprise. In essence, it changes the basic values ​​of enterprise marketing. .By collecting and accumulating a large amount of information of consumers, after processing, predicting how likely consumers are to buy a certain product, and using this information to accurately position the product, and make targeted marketing information to persuade consumers to buy products. Purpose.

database marketing concept

Database Marketing Service (DMS) is a marketing promotion method that has gradually emerged and matured in the development of IT, Internet and Database technology, and has broad development prospects in corporate marketing behavior.database marketingIt is the process of establishing, maintaining, and utilizing customer data and other customer data for the purpose of engaging, transacting, and building customer relationships.

Through the establishment and analysis of the database, each department has a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the customer's information, and can give customers more personalized service support and marketing design, making "one-to-one customer relationship management" possible.

Database marketing has become quite popular among enterprises in developed western countries. In the United States, a survey by Donnelley Marketing Company in 1994 showed that 56% of retailers and manufacturers have marketing databases, and 10% of retailers and manufacturers are planning to build marketing databases. , 85% of retailers and manufacturers believe that by the end of the century, they will need a robust marketing database to support their competitiveness.From a global perspective, database marketing, as a form of marketing, is increasingly favored by business managers and plays an increasingly important role in maintaining customers and increasing sales.

similar marketing

email marketing

Email Marketing (Email Direct Marketing, EDM)Namely: EDM marketing, email marketing.

Email marketing is an online marketing method that delivers valuable information to target users through emails under the premise of users' prior permission. Email marketing has three basic factors: based on user consent, delivering information via email, and the information being valuable to the user.If one of the three factors is missing, none of them can be called effective email marketing.

The three basics of email marketing are:

(1) The technical basis of Email marketing: technically ensure that users join and exit the mailing list, and realize the management of user information, as well as functions such as email sending and effect tracking;

(2) User's Email address resources: On the premise that users voluntarily join the mailing list, obtaining enough user Email address resources is a necessary condition for Email marketing to play a role;

(3) Content of Email Marketing: Marketing information is sent to users through email. Only when the content of the email is valuable to users can they attract users' attention. Effective content design is the basic premise for Email marketing to play a role.

When these basic conditions are met, Email marketing in the true sense can be carried out, and the effect of Email marketing can be gradually manifested.

Affiliate Marketing

Membership marketing means that a company organizes users into a club-like group with a certain benefit or service as the theme, and by providing services suitable for members' needs, carrying out publicity, sales, promotion and other activities, cultivating loyal customers of the company, in order to gain business. Benefit.

And what we call database marketing is more similar to affiliate marketing.

The establishment and management of the database of database marketing

increasingly important databases

After collecting, screening, testing, sorting, compiling and enriching the basic information of corporate customers, they are properly stored and kept.When the company conducts various direct marketing activities, it can quickly and completely provide relevant individual customer information according to specific purpose requirements.Now, due to the rapid development of computer technology, computers have made a great contribution to the utilization of customer databases.

Direct marketing is aimed at individual target customers and transmits information through two-way communication. Therefore, carefully select target customer groups, systematically collect individual information of target customers, and then form a customer database, and effectively use customer data. It is an important key to the success of direct marketing.

The six stages of database formation

From the establishment of the customer database to the provision of information to direct marketers, there are roughly six stages:

1. Decide to build a customer database

2. Collection of customer information

3. Fill in the content of individual customer information card

4. Data sorting and screening

5. Completion of intelligent information

6. Flexible use of customer database information.

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