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Wanciba screen technology analysis and basic framework of brand development

Wanciba screen isSearch Engine OptimizationThe industry has developed a technology business for many years (7-8 years as far as I know), and the direct understanding is that XNUMX words or a few thousand words are ranked on the first page of search engines.In order not to affect its "brand reputation",米国生活The official website uses the name of Qianwan PowerWord for analysis.

Main sales target: traditional business owners without a website

Sales price: The basic service industry understands that it is generally 0.5W-2W/year (agent price 0.08W-0.2W)

Wanciba screen technology analysis

To achieve it through a website, then building a website is the fundamental technology of Wanci, and tyrannical screen is an abused word. It sounds domineering, but any domineering will not live long.There is nothing special about the website. There are only two points: first, the domain name has a high authority; second, it collects a large number of peer articles.

high domain name

The way to achieve this is to rent the secondary directory of someone else's website domain name, for example,, where may be a website with a weight of 4-6, then, open a folder directory under their website, put You can put the template website of Wanciba screen into it;

bulk collection

As described at the 315 Gala.

Legal Risk

It's not just as simple as unfair competition, technology companies are actually just sales companies, and their main supporters are website directory renters, as well as unrealistic search algorithms and encyclopedia information.

SEO Wanciba V1.1-Business Model and Legal Risk

Screenshot of Baidu Encyclopedia

Is this honor?When reading an encyclopedia, one must remain skeptical. It is common for encyclopedias to be objective or not, and whether the entries are right or wrong.

Is this culture?Is this the brand?

Wanciba Baidu Encyclopedia

Baidu search algorithm

The algorithm of Baidu search engine strike is for reference only. (However, the websites hit by the Baidu search engine algorithm may be stable on the home page and the first few pages. Don’t be surprised, the Baidu search engine algorithm may not support the home page. This is a very special and magical search engine. If you don’t believe me, search on Baidu for the key. Word: SEO, you know, you can't see what algorithm the homepage website satisfies, but the algorithm that violates it is obvious.)

Baidu Algorithm - Combat the Wanciba screen

why?Maybe some people don't want China to develop SEO "white hat" algorithm, what SEO does the world's largest Chinese search engine support, and what SEO can develop in Chinese Chinese search, Baidu search engine is the single oligopoly of domestic website search engines and the decider of SEO , and the whitest hat of SEO may be the landing page of Baidu SEM bidding promotion.


After starting a business in this industry for several years, I found that many investors are poor and only have money left. The SEO industry is very chaotic. Although Wanciba screen has been registered as a trademark, people in the market still use this technical method. Isn’t this an illegal business?Isn't it fraudulent? In an environment where "laws can do anything without prohibitions", there are many chaos, and it is impossible for judges and lawmakers to understand so many details of business and technology. The lines are separated like mountains, and where the legal terms are not clear, how much business ethics is left?

米国生活Brand, enterprise, product, corporate culture, brand culture-米国生活Market supply and demand relationship-PPT

We need to change: enterprises should not be national brands in the name of "brands", major influencers in the industry should not harm the overall interests for their own interests, and practitioners in the marketing industry should not tempt business owners with marketing interests; , with the corporate culture that can be done, to support the desirable values ​​of "believing what you say, doing what you say, and doing what you do", and providing value-added brand products and services to the society and the people. , to safeguard national interests, industry environment, and consumer interests as the premise of ecological health, and then provide customers with positive growth and sustainable brand marketing planning services.It's hard, but that's not a reason to back off.

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