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Can brand advertising use terms such as "leading" and "front runner"?

Many companies like to use terms such as leading and frontrunner to promote their companies, or they are suspected of violating advertising laws.米国生活It is not recommended to promote enterprises in this way. Leading is not the characteristic of enterprises.米国生活It is recommended to let consumers and B-end customers recognize and trust for a long time, conform to Chinese culture, show low-key, capable, high-quality products and services, be innovative, and bring value to customers, which is more worth thinking about than using some sensitive words.

(1) If advertisements use such promotional terms as "nationally leading", "leading", "leading", "leading", etc.,shouldProvide relevant evidence materials issued by authoritative institutions, and fully introduce the evaluation agency, certification time, evaluation methods and standards adopted in the materials. illegal act.

(2)The evidence materials provided by the advertisers should ensure that the institutions that issued the evidence materials are reliable and credible, and have the ability to make the conclusion that the advertisers are "leading"..For example, social organizations such as the China Advertising Association are not regulatory agencies, and the “review recommendations” issued by them generally have no legal effect. The advertising materials released in accordance with the recommendations may not be legal, and there is a risk of being identified as false propaganda by regulatory agencies.

(3)If the relevant "leading" description is used in the creative, the relevant supporting materials provided by the advertiser should be complete and true.If the research results and certification materials released by the relevant institutions can only partially prove the "leading" of the advertiser's data in a certain aspect, the integrity requirements of the certification materials are not met.

(4) In practice, there have been many cases of administrative punishment in which "leading" was identified as an illegal propaganda term.In this type of punishment case, the parties either provide the certification materials issued by unofficial authorities, or the certification materials provided are incomplete, and the regulatory authorities do not accept this, and find that the relevant evidence is not enough to prove that the advertiser is in a "leading" position. The Lord's actions constitute false propaganda.therefore,It is recommended to use "leading" and similar descriptions with caution in the creative, unless the relevant supporting materials provided by the advertiser are sufficient to prove that the description is true and accurate, it is not recommended to use.

Article XNUMX(XNUMX)(XNUMX) of the Advertising Law  An advertisement that falls under any of the following circumstances is a false advertisement:

(XNUMX) The performance, function, place of origin, use, quality, specification, composition, price, producer, expiration date, sales status,Honoredand other information, or the content, provider, form, quality, price,Sales status, information such as honors received, and promises related to goods or servicesThe information does not match the actual situation.have a material effect on purchasing behaviorof;

Rule: Is Front Runner a banned word in advertising?

Yes, the leader is a forbidden word. Many words in the extreme category are forbidden words, such as: world leading, (far) leading, leader, leader, leading, leading, leading, leading , lead, etc.

In addition to these banned words in advertising, what are the banned words in advertising? Let's take a look.

'Most' related stop words

Best, Best, Best, Favorite, Most Earning, Best, Best, Best, Maximum, Maximum, Highest, Highest, Highest, Most Extravagant, Lowest, Lowest, Lowest, Lowest, The cheapest, the most fashionable, the most popular, the most popular, the most fashionable, the most gathered, the most suitable, the most comfortable, the first, the most advanced, the most advanced science, the most advanced processing technology, the first to enjoy, the last, the last wave , the latest, the latest technology, the latest science.

Prohibited words related to 'a'

No.1, No.1 in China, No.XNUMX on the whole network, No.XNUMX in sales, No.XNUMX, No.XNUMX, No.XNUMX brand, No.XNUMX, TOP.XNUMX, One-of-a-kind, No.XNUMX in the country, First-class, One day, Only once (one type) , The last wave, one of the national X-big brands.

'Grade', 'Extremely' related stop words

National-level (except those issued by relevant units), national-level products, global-level, cosmic-level, world-class, top-level (top/cutting-edge), top-level craftsmanship, top-level enjoyment, superb, excellent (excellent/absolute), ultimate, extreme .

Prohibited words related to 'first/home/country'

The first, the first choice, the exclusive, the exclusive formula, the national first, the first, the national sales champion, the national product, the national (national inspection-free), the national leader, to fill the domestic gap.

Prohibited words related to 'brand'

Ace, leading brand, world leader, leader, creator, leading brand, leading listing, supreme, peak, leader, king, king, champion.

Prohibited words related to 'false'

Unprecedented, unprecedented, permanent, omnipotent, ancestral, special effects, invincible, natural, 100%.

Prohibited words suspected of defrauding consumers

Suspected of inducing consumers to seckill, rush to explode, no longer rob, it will not be cheaper, no chance if missed, tens of thousands of people rush to rush, the whole people rush to rush/snatch, sell/snatch mad.

Authority Related Prohibited Words

Special supply, exclusive supply, recommended by experts, recommended by national leaders, and the use of RMB patterns (except approved by the central bank).

Prohibition of text

Foreign characters must not appear alone (Chinese characters must be indicated when foreign characters appear), brush characters, traditional characters, and fonts without copyright (Chinese) cannot be recognized.

Educational Prohibition

School name, further education, education escort, nine-year education, one-stop education, housing in the school district, priority admission, 12-year education worry-free, worry-free throughout the process, let children win at the starting line.

time prohibited

The time limit must be specific today, today, several days and nights, countdown, while now, only, only, weekend, anniversary, special party, purchase

It is strictly forbidden to end the use, increase the price at any time, and immediately reduce the price of the big party, flash sale, brand group, boutique group, and single product group (must have an event date).

Prohibition on account

Commitment hukou, blue-print hukou, promised immigration, and buying a house are all solved.

Prohibition in Feng Shui

Shangfeng Shangshui, Gathering Wealth and Breathing, Treasure Land, Holy Land, Mansion, Dragon Vein (Gui Vein), Eastern and Western Mythological Characters, Land of Dragon Vein, Feng Shui Treasure Land, Harmony of Heaven and Man, Heavenly Stems and Earth Branches, Shangshan Shangshui - Enjoy the first class City, Kanyu.

Feudal Prohibition

Imperial Capital, Imperial City, Royal Territory, Royal, Royal Family, Royal Family, Palace, White House, Royal Mansion (Mansion), Royal Residence, Government Office, Administrative Building, XX Embassy, ​​XX Border.

discriminatory stop words

Nobility, Noble, Hidden Noble, Upper Class, High Peak, Rich Area, Famous Family, XX Class, XX Class.

Prohibited activities

National major events (Winter Olympics, Olympic Games, World Cup), Double Eleven (registered by Alibaba and cannot be used).

Prohibited words in terms of value

Appreciation value, value depression, natural value, XNUMX billion value, investment return, crowdfunding, copying, stock speculation is not as good as buying a house, the appreciation potential is wireless, and you can earn it when you buy it.

No Positive Data Prohibition

Room rate %, XX acres, XX kilometers, XX square meters, hot sale X billion, % greening rate, % plot ratio, hot sale X billion, hot sale/transaction XXX sets, XXX owners.

Prohibited words in transportation

Directly to the door of the house, on the top of the subway, close to the subway station, Wanmu Park, surrounded by several shopping malls, Wanda by the side, the airport radiation area, supermarkets, shopping malls, schools, hospitals and other names, X subways, X buses (verified to be true ), next to the subway (within 1 km).

Prohibited words without a specific location

CBD coordinates, CBD core, urban core area, you are in the center of the city, I am in your heart, the center, the center, the center of gravity, the center, the key point, the hinterland, the landmark, the center of the city, and above the world.

No pre-sale license: Mention of opening is prohibited.

Only pre-sale is forbidden to mention hardcover: if it is not built: it is forbidden to reflect the decoration style (Seiko German decoration, originating from a century-old heritage, interior using XX stone).

Other prohibited words

The national flag, national emblem, national anthem, and certain newspapers, magazines, websites, etc. appear in the folded pages.

After reading the above content, I believe that everyone understands whether the leader is a prohibited word in advertising? The answer to this question.There are really many prohibited words in the new advertising law. I hope that businesses must pay more attention when designing advertising slogans.

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