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The wp-admin directory file in the website CMS

  1. wp-admin/admin.php: The core file for admin files.Used to connect to the database, integrate dynamic menu data, display non-core control pages, etc.
  2. wp-admin/admin-db.php
  3. wp-admin/admin-footer.php: Defines the footer for all admin consoles.
  4. wp-admin/admin-functions.php: defines various functions used by the admin console.
  5. wp-admin/admin-header.php: defines the upper part of the admin console, including the menu-header.php file for the menu logic.
  6. wp-admin/bookmarklet.php: Defines the popup page when using the bookmark function.The default edit-form.php file is used when writing logs.
  7. wp-admin/categories.php: Defines category management for admin pages.refer to: Manage – Categories
  8. wp-admin/cat-js.php
  9. wp-admin/edit.php: Defines the log management of the admin page.refer to:  Manage – Posts
  10. wp-admin/edit-comments.php: Defines comments management for admin pages.refer to:  Manage – Comments
  11. wp-admin/edit-form-advanced.php: Defines the log advanced editing form management of the management page, including post.php.refer to:  Write – Write Post – Advanced
  12. wp-admin/edit-form.php: Defines the log simple edit form management of the management page, including post.php.refer to:  Write – Write Post
  13. wp-admin/edit-form-comment.php: Edit a specific log comment.
  14. wp-admin/edit-form-ajax-cat.php
  15. wp-admin/edit-link-form.php
  16. wp-admin/edit-page-form.php: Defines page editing for admin module pages, including post.php and page-new.php.refer to: Write – Write Page
  17. wp-admin/edit-pages.php: Defines page management for admin module pages.refer to:  Manage – Pages
  18. wp-admin/execute-pings.php
  19. wp-admin/import.php
  20. wp-admin/index.php: Default admin page.Display the corresponding page according to the user request.
  21. wp-admin/inline-uploading.php
  22. wp-admin/install-helper.php: Define database maintenance functions, including popular-in-plugins maybe_create_table() and maybe_add_column().
  23. wp-admin/install.php: Install WordPress.
  24. wp-admin/link-add.php: link add.refer to:  Links – Add Link
  25. wp-admin/link-categories.php: link category management.refer to: Links – Link Categories
  26. wp-admin/link-import.php: Import link.refer to: Links – Import Links
  27. wp-admin/link-manager.php: Link management.refer to:  Links – Manage Links
  28. wp-admin/ Used to parse OPML files when importing links.
  29. wp-admin/list-manipulation.js
  30. wp-admin/list-manipulation.php
  31. wp-admin/menu-header.php: used to display the menu in the admin interface.
  32. wp-admin/menu.php: defines the default admin menu structure.
  33. wp-admin/moderation.php: defines the comment moderation function.
  34. wp-admin/options.php: Used to change all settings after upgrade.
  35. wp-admin/options-discussion.php: Manage comments and trackback related options.refer to:  Options – Discussion
  36. wp-admin/options-general.php: Manage basic configuration options.refer to: Options – General
  37. wp-admin/options-head.php
  38. wp-admin/options-misc.php: Set file upload, link tracking, custom "hacks" and other related options.refer to:Options – Miscellaneous
  39. wp-admin/options-permalink.php: Manage permalink options.refer to: Options – Permalinks
  40. wp-admin/options-reading.php: Sets how website information is sent to reader browsers or other applications.refer to: Options – Reading
  41. wp-admin/options-writing.php: Manage log writing interface.refer to:Options – Writing
  42. wp-admin/page-new.php: Create a new page.
  43. wp-admin/plugin-editor.php: Edit the plugin file.
  44. wp-admin/plugins.php: Manage plugins.
  45. wp-admin/post.php: Create a new post.
  46. wp-admin/profile-update.php
  47. wp-admin/profile.php: Manage profiles or profiles.
  48. wp-admin/setup-config.php: When installing, it is used to createwp-config.php file.
  49. wp-admin/sidebar.php
  50. wp-admin/templates.php: Edit the server-writable file.
  51. wp-admin/theme-editor.php: Edit files in a specific theme.
  52. wp-admin/themes.php: Manage themes.
  53. wp-admin/update-links.php
  54. wp-admin/upgrade-functions.php: defines version upgrade functions.
  55. wp-admin/upgrade-schema.php: defines the default table structure and options used in upgrades.
  56. wp-admin/upgrade.php: Version upgrade.
  57. wp-admin/user-edit.php: Edit users.
  58. wp-admin/users.php: Manage users.
  59. wp-admin/wp-admin.css: defines the default stylesheet for the admin console.
  60. wp-admin/xfn.js
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