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The wp-content directory file in the website CMS

wp-content directory

WordPress does not update this directory./ Wp-content / Content is provided by the user himself.This part of the upgrade process should also be avoided unless you are upgrading the default theme to the latest version. WordPress themes and plugins are stored in this directory.

wp-content/plugins directory

All plugins for WordPress are stored in this directory. The default plugin for WordPress is an example plugin for plugin developers, the Hello Dolly plugin, which randomly displays the lyrics to the song "Hello Dolly."The current version also includes an anti-spam plugin.

  1. wp-content/plugins/hello.php
  2. wp-content/plugins/akismet.php

wp-content/themes directory

All WordPress theme data are stored in their respective folders in this directory, such

wp-content/themes/themedir directory

WordPress theme related files are stored in their respective directories, namelywp-content/themes/themedir directory.Below we take the WordPress default theme file as an example, the default theme is in/wp-content/themes/default/The files included below are:

  1. wp-content/themes/themedir/comments.php: Used to manage how comments are displayed.
  2. wp-content/themes/themedir/footer.php: Used to manage the footer of the page.
  3. wp-content/themes/themedir/header.php: used to manage the header of each page.
  4. wp-content/themes/themedir/index.php: used to manage the log display layout of the home page.
  5. wp-content/themes/themedir/search.php: used to display the search form.
  6. wp-content/themes/themedir/sidebar.php: Used to manage the sidebar.
  7. wp-content/themes/themedir/style.css: The main CSS file for WordPress.

wp-content/themes/themedir/images directory

Some WordPress themes also store images in subdirectories of their theme folder.For example, the images used by the default theme are stored in wp-content/themes/default/images/under.

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