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Website production theme production bottom file-footer.php

We put the common header code of all template files into one file (header.php), for the same reason, our bottom information, such as copyright statement, is basically common to all pages, so we also put this part of the code Extract it and put it in a separate php file.
Create a new footer.php file in our theme folder content\themes\Aurelius.
Then open the index.php file with an editor and put the code inside:

 Design By QwibbleDesigns Code By Ludou top

Cut and paste it into footer.php. After cutting the code, we need to load the footer.php and add the code at the end of the index.php file:

Corresponding to the get_header() function, this function loads the footer.php file in the theme folder.
Next, the corresponding codes in archive.php, contact.php, full_width.php, page.php and single.php are also changed.
Next, modify the footer.php file and replace the code inside with

Copyright © 12 | Powered By WordPress | Design By QwibbleDesigns | Code By Ludou top

Here we use the bloginfo('name') function we learned last time to output your blog title, wp_footer() is similar to wp_head(), both are used to improve your theme compatibility, after all, there are many plugins to be on the page The pin outputs something to work properly.Now your footer should look like it. Here's the effect of the panda blogger's change:
Well, the code in the footer.php file can be freely used... free to modify...
Of course, these modifications are still very simple
Source of this article: WordPress Theme Creation Tutorial

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