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Gutenberg Editor - How to switch from block editor to classic editor in 3 steps

The Gutenberg editor, also known as the block editor, also known as Gutenberg, the biggest change in European books occurred in 1439, when JohannesGutenbergThe printing press was invented. Guten Tag, in German, good morning.Therefore, I guess that the Gutenberg Gutenberg editor was conceived by the Germans and has not yet been investigated.

Gutenberg Editor Features

We can see the characteristics of Gutenberg editor, block blocks, that can be edited, can be row, can be column, used for article editing, page editing, its improvement over the years is obvious, and it is the main editor of wordpress It is mainly used to produce articles and pages.But it is still a bit complicated at present. We advocate simplicity and efficiency.

Editor switching method

How do we switch the Gutenberg editor back to the classic editor, there are three main points:

Install Classic Editor

To install the classic editor just search for the classic editor installation.Search keywords in wordpress, Chinese: Classic Editor, English: Classic Editor.

Gutenberg Editor - Classic Editor - Toggle

We can see not only the classic editor, but also the classic widgets Classic Widgets

Default classic editor

In Settings - Compose, select the default editor as the classic editor.

Wordpress - Settings - ComposeClassic Editor - Compose by default

At this point, when creating a new article, it is the classic editor.But when editing articles, it still causes editor switching problems.

Prevent users from switching editors

Regarding [whether to allow users to switch editors], it is the last step and the most critical step. If the default is, the user can still use the Gutenberg editor, although it is the default classic editor when creating a new one, but still when editing is the Gutenberg editor.Only by selecting [No], can the editor switch to the classic editor be completely resolved.

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