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Privacy statement
Privacy statement

who are we

Our site address is:

Supervision is responsible for:米国生活(Beijing) Electronic Commerce Technology Co., Ltd.

Tel: 010-86398776

Provide services: The introduction of this site is the main thing. If you cannot explain its specific content in detail, please contact the marketing department at 18612888118.

What and why we collect personal data

This site collects personal data from users and visitors, including information submitted by visitors, such as name, email address, contact number; transactional data, such as purchase information; and technical data, such as information about cookies.

The personal information collected by this site is stored by third-party providers, such as Alibaba Cloud servers, and is only used by its own internal service customers.

When you submit your data, you agree to us storing and using the data you submit and to conduct business with you.


Whether this site is open to comment information, the final explanation is based on the configuration of this site.

When a guest leaves a comment, we collect the data shown in the comment form, along with the visitor's IP address and browser user agent string to help check for spam comments.


If you upload pictures to this site, you should avoid uploading pictures with embedded geolocation information (EXIF GPS). Visitors to this site will be able to download and extract location information from pictures on this site.

If the user on this site will disclose other files with copyright and portrait rights information when uploading media files, the user should be responsible for it. If the media published by the user is suspected of infringing the rights of others, you can contact us to delete it.

Contact form

This site will use the contact form to collect personal data when the visitor submits the contact form. We will strictly set the access rights to the data, allocate them on the principle of minimizing rights, and destroy the data when necessary.The data is retained for customer service purposes, but the information will not be used for marketing purposes.


 If you leave a comment on our site, you have the option to save your name, email address and website with cookies. This is to make it easier for you by not having to fill in the relevant content again when you comment. These cookies are retained for one year.

If you visit our login page, we will set a temporary cookie to confirm whether your browser accepts cookies. This cookie contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser.

When you log in, we also set multiple cookies to save your login information and screen display options. Login cookies are retained for two days, while on-screen display options cookies are retained for one year. If you select "Remember me", your login is retained for two weeks. If you log out, the login cookies will be removed.

If you edit or post an article, we save an extra cookie in your browser. This cookie contains no personal data and only records the ID of the article you just edited. This cookie will stay for a day.

Embedded content from other sites

Articles on this site may contain embedded content (such as videos, images, articles, etc.). The behavior of embedded content from other sites is no different than when you visit these other sites directly.

These sites may collect data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party trackers, and monitor your interactions with these embedded content, including tracking you and embedded content when you have an account with these sites and log in to them Interaction.


In this chapter, you should write down which statistical tools and programs you use, such as Baidu Statistics, Tencent Statistics, and Youmeng, which may be popular in the market, and the user access track will be tracked by the statistical tools.

With whom we share your information

During the operation of this site, we will cooperate with third-party suppliers, including partners, cloud services, payment services and other third-party service providers.

But by default no personal data is shared with anyone.

How long do we keep your information

This site has the right to decide how long to retain personal data collected or processed by the site, and is responsible for the retention period.In general, we keep contact forms for six months, statistical records for one year, and customer purchase records for ten years.

If you leave a comment, the comment and its metadata will be saved indefinitely. We do this so we can identify and automatically approve any follow-up comments without putting them in the pending queue.

For registered users of this website, we also save the personal information provided by users in their personal data. All users can view, edit, or delete their personal information at any time (except that the user name cannot be changed), and the site administrator can also view and edit that information.

What rights do you have over your information

If you have an account on this site or have left a comment, you can request us to provide an export file of your personal data that we own, which also includes all the data you provided to us. You can also ask us to erase all personal data about you. This does not include data that we must retain for regulatory, regulatory or security needs.

Where do we send your information

Our data is inevitably stored in relevant website hosting, cloud storage and other third-party services.

Visitor comments may be checked by the automatic spam comment monitoring service.

Your contact information

There is currently no full-time Data Protection Officer on this site. You can contact us through the relevant email address of this site at, or find us through other contact information on this site.

other information

How we protect your data

As the amount of data increases, we will consider completing a more professional Privacy Impact Assessment.We use conventional measures to protect user data, such as technical means (such as encryption), security measures (such as two-factor authentication), website https certificate encryption and other measures (such as requiring staff to participate in data protection training).

What data breach procedures do we have in place

We treat data breaches externally via email, internally without limiting communication channels, and provide bounties for valuable bug discovery reports.

Which third parties do we receive data from

It is not currently addressed that our website will receive data about users in the future or from third parties, such as advertisers.

what automated decisions and/or inferences we make from user data

If your website provides services that involve automated decision-making, such as allowing customers to apply for credit cards, or collecting customer information into advertising materials, you must state that these events occurred, and describe how the information was used and what aggregated data was used to make decisions. , and what rights users have when decisions are made without human intervention.

Industry Regulatory Disclosure Requirements

At present, it is not an industry regulated by law and has not received the requirements of other privacy laws. We will actively understand the information required by relevant laws.


We do not advocate infringement of the rights of others, and do not support users of this site to publish content that infringes upon the rights of others. If any relevant content is suspected of infringing your rights, please contact the customer service of this site for communication, or send an email to for publication your appeal.

Integrity Protocol Guidelines

This agreement is米国生活The code of integrity cooperation with all partners has the legal effect of the contract.米国生活The signatory of the agreement is reminded to read and fully understand the terms of this agreement, and to choose to accept or not to accept this agreement, by checking the page or confirming by other means, it means that they have agreed to this agreement.

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of both parties in the conclusion and performance of contracts and economic and business transactions, ensure that the business transactions between the two parties comply with the principles of integrity and fair trade, resist commercial bribery and unfair competition, and oppose commercial fraud. On the basis of creating a healthy and friendly business environment and cooperative relationship, and preventing any behavior that damages the rights and interests of both parties, according to the "Contract Law of the People's Republic of China" and other relevant laws and administrative regulations, both parties fully recognize and agree to sign this integrity agreement to It is implemented as the Sunshine Cooperation Code of Conduct that both parties abide by.

XNUMX. General Terms and Explanation of Terms

1. Both parties undertake and warrant that appropriate measures have been taken and should always be taken in business cooperation, strictly abide by business ethics and market rules, and prevent themselves or any agent from engaging in any violation of good faith and fair trade and national laws under any circumstances. Regulations and company systems regarding anti-bribery, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and other related behaviors.

2. Business cooperation includes but is not limited to what has happened in history, is currently in progress, and plans to cooperate or continue to cooperate in the future. The whole process, regardless of whether these business cooperation are finally realized or not.

3. Any agent status refers to, including but not limited to, employees, agents, subsidiaries, offices, representatives, subcontractors and affiliates of a party, whether or not they are aware of such agency/representative behavior.

4. Laws and regulations refer to the laws and regulations that should be complied with by the parties including mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States and other cooperative business parties.These laws and regulations include, but are not limited to, the laws, regulations, regulations, administrative regulations, rules, normative documents, judicial interpretations, judicial documents formulated and promulgated by the legislative organs at all levels, administrative organs at all levels, and judicial organs at all levels of these countries (regions). Wait.Such as the United States "Foreign Corrupt Practices Act" and so on.

XNUMX. Provisions to be followed by both parties

1. Both parties strictly prohibit the following behaviors (including but not limited to) that violate honesty, fair trade and honest practice during business cooperation:

(1) false qualifications:One party deliberately conceals the true qualifications of the enterprise and provides the other party with forged, altered or invalid bidding documents, industry qualifications or other relevant certification materials required for validity.

(2)Commercial bribery:Demanding, receiving, offering, giving (gift or non-fair value giving) any direct or indirect benefits outside the scope of the unreported cooperative business to employees of the other party or their immediate family members and other interested parties, including but not limited to : Open deductions, hidden deductions, cash, shopping cards, physical objects, securities, travel, shares, bonuses, gifts, gifts, entertainment tickets, special discounts or samples, travel, meals, entertainment, cooperation paid by suppliers Business derived interests or other material and non-material interests, and other activities that may affect the fair performance of duties.

(3) conflict of interest:When the two parties cooperate or in the process of cooperation, the current or former employees of one party directly or in disguised form participate in shares, hold positions, part-time jobs or obtain other benefits in the name of themselves or their relatives in the other party or its affiliates (but open market stock investment is not subject to the above restrictions. ) without reporting to the other party, including but not limited to the following situations:

① Employees of one party (including but not limited to business negotiators, management decision-makers) or their immediate family members directly or indirectly hold equity/shares or other rights (including but not limited to dividend rights, listed companies are not applicable) in the other party or its affiliates ), which did not submit a formal written statement to the other party before the specific business cooperation.

② If employees of one party and their immediate family members are employed (including full-time or part-time) in the other party or its affiliates and directly or indirectly participate in or have an impact on specific business cooperation, they do not submit a formal written letter to the other party before the specific business cooperation illustrate.

③ One party introduces the other party's resignation personnel, and they do not report to the other party in writing before the specific business cooperation;

④ If one party is a company founded, participated in or held an important management position by a former employee of the other party, before becoming the agent of the other party or during the period of the agency, the aforesaid matters have not been reported to the other party in writing before the specific business cooperation;

⑤ One party's employees or their relatives have any form of private economic transactions with the other party (including related units) or their relatives for any reason, including but not limited to loan funds.

(4) String Bid Bid:Within the scope of one party's business, its employees instruct the other party to cooperate with the other party to conduct illegal or illegal acts such as bid rigging or bid rigging

(5) illegal money laundering:One party conducts or attempts to conduct various money laundering acts in the name of business cooperation with the other party, or uses the cooperation relationship with the other party to try to conceal the source of illegal funds.

(6) trade secrets:One party infringes the other party's intellectual property rights, business information, trade and technical secrets, etc.

2. Before cooperating, both parties have the responsibility to disclose their actual controller information to the other party, including but not limited to name, ID number and other information.

3. One party has the responsibility to accept the other party's supervision of the implementation of the integrity and fair trade guarantee during the cooperation period, and actively cooperate with the other party's relevant investigation work.

4. If one party finds any violations or attempts to violate the integrity and fair trade, national laws and regulations, and the company's system on anti-bribery, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering and other related acts in business cooperation, it can report to the other party.The party receiving the report shall maintain the confidentiality of any reported conduct and whistleblower.

XNUMX. Liability for breach of contract

1. Any party who violates the provisions of this agreement, once verified (including but not limited to being verified by the other party, or by a judicial authority or a third party), shall bear but not limited to the following liabilities for breach of contract:

(1) The observant party has the right to immediately terminate any agreement that has been signed in whole or in part between the two parties, and the breaching party shall be responsible for all the consequences arising therefrom;

(2) The breaching party shall pay the breaching party the amount of bribes or other liquidated damages that are twice the verified illegal amount.The non-compliant party has the right to directly deduct any amount due from the defaulting party.

(3) The aforementioned liquidated damages are still insufficient to make up for the loss of the non-compliant party (including but not limited to actual losses, decline in business reputation, loss of business opportunities, increase in costs, loss of expected profits, other indirect losses, etc.), the defaulting party The aforesaid losses shall be fully compensated to the non-compliant party separately.

2. If one party refuses to cooperate with the other party in the supervision and investigation of integrity and fair trade during the cooperation period, or it is proved that there are acts of withholding information, providing false information and perjury, the other party has the right to take responsibility for the original The performance of the contract takes measures such as suspending the payment of business progress, terminating cooperation, investigating economic losses, and rescinding the contract, and does not need to bear any responsibility for breach of contract.

3. If one party violates this integrity agreement during the cooperation period, the other party has the right to refuse subsequent cooperation with the defaulting party or its affiliates depending on the seriousness of the circumstances.

XNUMX. Other

1. This agreement takes effect from the date of signature by both parties, and its effect can be traced back to the date of cooperation between the two parties.

2. This agreement is independent of the business contract signed between the two parties due to specific cooperation, and is not invalid, terminated or rescinded due to the invalidity, termination or rescission of the business contract. If the business contract is invalid, terminated or rescinded, it will not affect the potency.In the event of inconsistency between the relevant stipulations of the business contract between the two parties and the stipulations in this agreement, this agreement shall prevail.

3. Both parties should negotiate to resolve disputes arising from this agreement. If the negotiation fails, they shall be submitted to the people's court where the defendant is located for ruling.

4. This agreement is made in duplicate, Party A and Party B each hold one copy, which has the same legal effect.

Party A's signature and seal
Party B's signature and seal
This agreement is part of the contract and is effective at the same time as the contract
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Copyright and Disclaimer

米国生活Official website copyright and disclaimer

1. This site (米国生活The official website website layout design, content design, material design copyright米国生活all;

2. For all works marked "Content Category: Original" on this site and its local sites, the copyright belongs to米国生活The official website and its local stations are all.Other media, websites or individuals must indicate when reprinting and using: "The source of the article:米国生活official website".

3. All works marked "Content Classification: Reprint, Compilation, Excerpt" on this site and its local sites are reprinted, compiled or excerpted from other media. The purpose of reprinting, compiling or excerpting is to convey more information, not On behalf of this site and its local sites, it agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Other media, websites or individuals must retain the source of the article indicated on this site when reprinting and using, and bear legal responsibility.

4. If you need to contact this site and the relevant media release channels of this site due to the content of the work, copyright and other issues, including but not limited to WeChat public account, Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou, Baidu Baijia account, etc., please within 30 days from the date of publication of the relevant works.

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Blacklisting industries

米国生活Do not cooperate with the following industries

  1. · Fraud industry(For example: what is the customer service number for
  2. · Invoicing(For example: issuing VAT invoices in Beijing on behalf of others)
  3. · Gender identification(Example: How to go to Hong Kong for blood test to determine gender?)
  4. · Gaming industry(For example: baccarat, betting, casino, online gambling, etc.)
  5. · Credit card cash, Huabei cash, bank card(Example: Beijing credit card cash-out card)
  6. · Hotel public relations, solicitation, pornographic information(Example: Beijing massage door-to-door service)
  7. · Negative and derogatory information(Example: So-and-so company is a scam company)
  8. · Politically sensitive information(Example: How is the leader of so-and-so)
  9. · Surrogacy, surrogate medical examination(For example: What are the companies that perform medical examinations in Beijing?)
  10. · Sale of bank cards, ID cards, copy cards
  11. · Reputation and fraudulent part-time information
  12. · Debt collection, debt collection, door-to-door debt collection information
  13. · Smuggled cigarettes, duty-free cigarettes, cigarettes sold on WeChat, smuggled medicines(India smuggled medicines) etc.
  14. · False lottery information, lottery, Beijing racing PK10
  15. · Virtual currency wealth management and P2P wealth management with pyramid schemes, high yields, or fraudulent properties
  16. · Other content that violates the law, violates regulations, and hits the edge of the ball
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