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Website production theme HTML static template production

To make a website theme, you need to know PHP, but no matter what, your blog page is a web page. The reason why the web page can be displayed in the browser is because the terminal code such as HTML, CSS and JS is finally transmitted to the browser. Ultimately, these codes control the display results of the browser.Making WordPress themes is no exception, they are all web pages, and web pages are basically HTML.
This series of tutorials will use the html template Aurelius provided by tutsplus for free as an example to explain the production process of WordPress themes, and the production of other templates is similar.The HTML template file download is provided below. We will use this to practice how to combine HTML static pages with PHP code to make WordPress themes.After downloading, the html files in it can be opened directly by double-clicking.
Purpose of these files:

  1. Home: index.html
  2. Archive page: archive.html
  3. Page: page.html
  4. Article page: single.html
  5. Contact page: contact.html
  6. Page without sidebar: full_width.html
  7. Images: /images/
  8. Style sheet: style.css
  9. Thumbnail: screenshot.png

File download page–net-11421
With static files, just change these static files into template files.
Source of this article: WordPress Theme Creation Tutorial

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