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Website production theme background development

This tutorial starts to learn how to add a background control page to the theme. The theme has a setting page, and the user experience is very convenient. If you make a theme, the logo needs to be replaced by the user, and the home page calls an article of a certain category. If you want to change it, you have to change the source code yourself... This is not only inconvenient for users to use, but sometimes you have to ask you for help, so if your theme is not only for yourself, it is absolutely necessary to have a convenient background control .It also looks more technical.

Prerequisites for this tutorial:
Simple background production, you can draw a gourd according to the html form you understand.
Slightly more complex, you need to have some knowledge of php and understand object-oriented programming, namely: class

For background settings, I divide the settings into three broad categories:
A simple form, that is, a simple html form, such as a simple form such as a text box (text) \ text area (textarea) \ radio button (radio) \ check box (Checkboxes) \ drop-down box.
XNUMX. File upload.It must be used when uploading logo\background image\banner, etc.
XNUMX. Color selection.Although color selection can be regarded as some simple form combinations, because the color picker needs to be configured separately, it is placed in a separate category.
After adding these three types of setting items, the background is basically available
Source of this article: WordPress Theme Creation Tutorial

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