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How to modify the Baidu snapshot LOGO of the website, what size?

Every website must have a LOGO, which represents the image and logo of the company and brand, but generally speaking, the update or upgrade or optimization of the company's LOGO always needs to be large or small several times, and even sub-brands appear. , Therefore, there must be configuration and update functions in the website to meet the requirements of the customer's own operation. You can't change the LOGO picture and have to find a developer to do it.
However, the LOGO of the website is divided into two types:

  1. Website internal logo
  2. Baidu snapshot website logo

So, how do we modify the LOGO, it is very simple:
Website LOGO editing and replacement
The configuration and modification here is a WYSIWYG method, which is displayed in real time, which is convenient for designers to confirm and modify. Of course, there are more configurations to be adjusted in detail, such as mobile terminal, iPad terminal, Apple retina effect configuration, etc. .

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The LOGO of Baidu Snapshot generally refers to the Baidu Snapshot LOGO of the homepage of the website of the website domain name, which involves the following points:

Baidu snapshot LOGO attribute modification permission

The general website does not have the right to modify the LOGO attribute, but it can be obtained through hard work. If you don't want to work hard, you can delegate it.米国生活To operate for you, the premise is that the website needs to be maintained by someone who can make changes and updates.

Baidu snapshot LOGO size

  • PC/mobile station can submit pictures of 121*75 and 200*133 sizes
  • Can be changed in Site Properties – Site Type to PC, Mobile, Adaptive Site
  • The image will be used in the search results page after the image is approved, but it is not guaranteed that all uploaded images will use

Modification of Baidu Snapshot LOGO

Sometimes you can't do anything about Baidu, either you don't modify it, or it has been modified for a long time, and it has to change it back to the old LOGO for you. What can you do?endured.

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