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Website LOGO front-end CSS invalid property value

When we change the CSS of the logon logo of the website, modify it with Style and !important, modify the front-end style of the website, and increase the priority, then we can directly update the style of the website through part of the code, instead of adjusting The original css file.This is more flexible for some small changes, but the management is a bit fragmented.
However, we often find a very simple piece of code in the debugging process, but it reports an invalid property value error. Sometimes it is to change a URL address. Then, the problem lies in this address. There are several problems with the address that need to be checked:
1. Is there a space in the address?
2. Whether the address has the user's read and write permissions
Therefore, by checking the address, or changing the file upload path of the user front-end, it can be solved.

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