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How to add a security lock to a website https

HTTP is called Hypertext Transfer Protocol and uses TCP port 80. By default, data is transmitted in clear text, and data can be captured by packet capture tools. Therefore, on the interner, the http servers of some important sites need to use PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) structure) technology to encrypt data!This is also https;
https is called a secure hypertext transfer protocol. It uses TCP port 443, and its data will be encrypted with the public key in PKI, so that the data packets captured by the packet capture tool cannot see the content of the packet, and the security is greatly improved. The private key in the PKI is used to decrypt the data.Therefore, some websites with relatively high security, such as online banking and e-commerce websites, need to be accessed with https!
Speaking of PKI technology, there are mainly two types of public key encryption and private key signature. The working mechanism and principle are too complicated. You have to read special materials!
The question you added, can't be done!If a site uses https, it must be accessed in the form of https;//!

buy SSL

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SSL certificate application

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Enter the domain name to be configured. I suggest using a subdomain instead of the main domain name, such as, so that the certificate does not affect other certificates under
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Then automatically verify.

SSL certificate deployment

Certificate type

Depending on the web side, there are different download packages, nginx, appache, iis packages are downloaded according to the specific situation you use.We use relatively safe and stable apache.

Certificate deployment upper and lower positions

The key is better to say, just one, and the public is on the top and the chain is on the bottom
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How to add a security lock to a website https

Certificate renewal process

What to do when the 1-year validity period expires
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