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Centos uses the pagoda command and does not display Chinese how to deal with it?

Specific problem: Because of the need to transfer the server, the server was mirrored mirror01, and then, a pay-per-use server server01 was created by mirroring mirror02. However, the IP of server02 was changed. I want to check the usage of the pagoda panel, and then, through VNC link server server02, input the pagoda command bt, but the Chinese characters are not displayed.
Solution: Alibaba Cloud VNC itself does not support Chinese.Changed other shell tool links to solve the problem.
Resolution process:
Command execution: [sudo yum groupinstall chinese-support]
The result prompts:
Warning: group chinese-support dose not exist.
Maybe run: yum groups mark install (see man yum)
Error: No packages in any requested group available to install or update
Then look for a solution:
CentOS7 yum groupinstall chinese-support prompts that no installation package is available?
The results that have been endorsed by many netizens:
yum groupinstall "Fonts"
yum groupinstall "Input Methods"
At this time, you can execute the command again: [sudo yum groupinstall chinese-support]
But the solution I have found, Alibaba Cloud VNC itself does not support Chinese,Changed other shell tool links to solve the problem.
So other network solutions can refer to:
1. First start the CentOS system and enter the desktop;
2. Before displaying Chinese, the Chinese voice pack has been installed.If it is not installed, after connecting to the Internet, execute the command [sudo yum groupinstall chinese-support] to install it.
3. Right-click on the desktop and select "Open in Terminal";
4. You can choose to edit the "/etc/sysconfig/i18n" file. This applies to all users. Here we only modify it to display Chinese when logging in.Enter the command [vim ~/.bashrc] in the terminal to edit the ".bashrc" file;
5. Add "export LANG="zh_CN.UTF-8"" at the end;
6. Then use the [sudo shutdown -r now] command to restart the system;
7. After restarting, the interface will become Chinese.

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