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What is a cloud server?

Cloud computing server (also known as cloud server or cloud host) mainly provides Internet-based infrastructure services for small and medium-sized enterprises and high-end users. This user group is huge and the demand for Internet host applications is increasing.This user group has the following characteristics: the business is mainly based on host rental and virtual private servers, and some use hosting services, and the scale is relatively large; focus on short-term investment returns, and have high requirements for cost performance of products; strong personalized needs, tend to fully Value chain, dummy product.When using traditional servers, users have to face various difficult problems due to factors such as cost and operator selection. The introduction of elastic cloud computing servers has effectively solved this problem.See the table below:
Comparison of cloud server and traditional server
traditional server business
Cloud server rental service
Input costs
High cost of comprehensive informatization
Pay-as-you-go, effectively reduce overall costs
Product performance
Difficulty ensuring consistently controlled product performance
Isolation of hardware resources + exclusive bandwidth
Management ability
The increasingly complex business management difficulty
Centralized remote management platform + multi-level business backup
Expansion capacity
Service environment lacks flexible business resiliency
Rapid business deployment and configuration, and elastic scalability of scale

What is a cloud server?

Cloud computing server (also known as cloud server or cloud host) is a host product in the cloud computing service system. This product effectively solves the traditional physical host and VPS services, which are difficult to manage and weak in business scalability. defect.Cloud hosts in practical applications have three elastic capabilities:
Host service configuration and business scale can be configured according to user needs, and can be adjusted flexibly.The hosting service applied by the user can be quickly provisioned and deployed (real-time online activation), and the flexible and scalable billing method in the cluster is realized. The user does not need to pay a deposit, and there are various payment methods for the user to choose.

What kind of users are cloud servers suitable for?

Users who pay attention to the cost-effectiveness of host services; Users who need to quickly implement distributed deployment; Users who need the elastic expansion capability of the business; Users who need high system availability and rapid recovery; Users who want to easily manage the system.Support e-commerce, forums, SNS, corporate websites, OA systems and other Internet applications;

What are the main advantages of cloud servers compared to VPS?

Users can easily perform remote maintenance, free reinstallation of the system to achieve complete isolation between cloud hosts at the hardware level; built-in redundant shared storage and intelligent backup, the failure of physical servers can be automatically recovered within minutes; the service environment adopts high-end servers Deploy and use centralized management and monitoring to ensure business stability and reliability.Stronger host performance, the overall performance is much higher than VPS, stronger than some independent servers;

What are the main advantages of cloud servers over renting physical servers?

The cloud server rental price is lower than the traditional physical server rental, and no deposit is required.With rapid provisioning and deployment capabilities, users can activate in real time after submitting an application for cloud host rental, and obtain services immediately.The business supports smooth expansion. When the user business scale expands, the business expansion can be quickly realized.

Can a cloud server apply for multiple IPs?

The cloud server will be equipped with different numbers of IP addresses according to the different lines selected by the user.One independent IP is given by default for a single line, and two independent IPs for a dual line; the bandwidth cannot be limited due to the increase of the IP, and the IP will not be added temporarily.

Can the user choose to install an operating system?

Can.There is no obvious difference between cloud hosts and traditional physical servers in terms of product usage. Users can flexibly choose or change the operating system according to their own needs.

How long does it take if I want to buy and activate?How long does it take to want to expand?

Registered user -> online payment -> purchase cloud server, real-time activation.After activation, log in to the user management area → cloud server management → management → pre-installed operating system, you can choose Windows 2012, Windows 2019, Cent OS 7 and other operating systems, the system installation takes 10 to 25 minutes, after the system installation is complete, you can connect via remote Perform other application operations.
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