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Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser - WordPress

The website construction is very simple, but after building the website, to optimize the website speed and use Baidu Cloud CDN to accelerate, then a series of configurations are required. However, if the configuration is incorrect, we may encounter the following error "Cookies are blocked or your browsing Server does not support - Wordpress To use WordPress, you must enable cookies."

Unsuccessful login-prompt to enable cookies-米国生活

Cookies blocked error process description

At the beginning, I must be able to log in to the background, otherwise I can't build the site, then after the site is successfully built, the CDN is deployed and then there is a login problem, because before the CDN is deployed, there are other entrances into the background, so, through the foreground The editing function has entered the background, and the important phenomena of finding and solving problems are:

1. Re-create the account, log in with the new account, the login is unsuccessful

2. Log in to another system, but there is no problem with the other system, indicating that it is not a browser problem

3. After recreating the account and logging in at the front desk, the editing authority will see the administrator authority face for a while, and the administrator authority will not work for a while, then the data transmission is wrong, which belongs to the error of the user name, authority, login and other links.

Cookies blocked error reason

Compared with the normal CDN configuration, it is found that the updates of the foreground and the background are inconsistent. Therefore, if the website needs to log in, and the website login is a dynamic information transmission, it is necessary to set the CDN separately for the background directory. For the background CDN, the update time can be set to 0. Second.In this way, the problem of background login will not be cached and will not cause cookies to be wrongly stringed.

problem to solve.

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