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How to edit web page and design bevel style for web page?

In the process of building our website, we sometimes need to do some personalized designs to make our visitors feel fresh, so that new visitors can click and stay more.

So how to style beveled edges and more?米国生活SEO inherits the online website optimization template to build a website and provides a variety of simple operations. You only need to drag it online immediately, and you don’t even need to teach it. You can do it yourself, because various uploading and modifying actions are basic office work.

enter page edit

First, you need a user with editing permissions, a username and password, and a login background.

Pin Kaoyan-Online Visual Editing-米国生活

Then you can see the corresponding modifiable content in the row by mouse mode. The elements related to the background (the whole screen) are all in the row attribute. On the contrary, in the column attribute, you only need to click the small arrow to the right to open it immediately. ,As shown below:

before the small arrow

Modify line - show line blanks -米国生活

After the small arrow is clicked, you can see the edit icon (a common small pencil), and the column editing is hidden to save space.

Page Edit - Row Edit Button -米国生活

edit hypotenuse

If you want to implement a hypotenuse at the bottom of the new line, then select the "Bottom dividing line" tab, and change the dividing line type to bevel.

In the same way, you can modify the "top dividing line".

Page Editing - Row Settings -米国生活

bevel style

SEO template site building bevel modification-米国生活

How to modify the above-the-fold background

Modifying the background of the first screen first belongs to the row attribute, and the operation is the way to modify the picture.

Modifying the picture can directly replace the displayed picture, or replace the background picture, so if you want to modify the picture, you can find the corresponding position and modify the picture.So, we have two steps:

The first step is to find the location of the image corresponding to the modification

The background picture, the picture in the background, we find, the picture modification position of the background (row) attribute.

Page Editing-Modify Background Image-米国生活

The second step, upload the picture, select the picture

Click the plus sign, and the "Upload Image" button may appear in other places, all of which mean the same thing.

Page Editing-Modify Background Image-Upload Image-米国生活

Choose the picture you like to upload, set the picture, and delete the one you don't like immediately.

Other functions:

  • If you want to make dynamic effects, you can select the video tab on the left to upload the video file.
  • If you want to modify the background color of the picture, you can select the overlay tab on the right to switch the color.

Add and modify lecturers

Add Staff - Edit Lecturer -米国生活

To modify the lecturer, go directly to the lecturer page and click Edit Project;

To add a lecturer, click "New" - Staff, add the lecturer's picture and description, and at the same time, modify the lecturer's featured image (the uploading method of the image is as simple as the above).

Featured Image - Instructor Edited -米国生活

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