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Pagoda Apache firewall does not have the function of clearing how to delete IP

Because the server and website were attacked, I have been using the Pagoda Enterprise Edition plug-in. This time I was able to use the firewall function. In the previous article, I mentioned UA shielding.Teach you a trick to use a firewall to block UA (User Agent) network attacks"In fact, this website also uses IP shielding. The problem is that the IP of the CDN is used to access the website, or the website is attacked. It cannot be accurately identified. If it is blocked too much, the website cannot be opened by itself.

Communicate with the Pagoda QQ group, and respond to the problem that IPs can only be added in batches, but cannot be deleted in batches.Then the pagoda said that the [Clear] button could be added. Many days passed, and the pagoda added the [Clear] button. The updated plug-ins on this site found that they did not have their own. As a result, I saw that there was one on the Nginx firewall. Well, my suggestion is given again. Nginx users did a favor.

How to delete IPs in batches without the [Clear] button?

The IP of the Pagoda Firewall is stored in the file, location: btwaf/rule/ipblock.json

Manually clear the IP in the file to clear it.

Pagoda Panel Enterprise Plugin - Apache Firewall

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