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What SEO analysis items are included in the website analysis report?

Web Analytics Reports are米国生活Brand website analysis SEO consulting services, need tools (for example, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush), SEO analysis tools are production tools, and the skills of these tools improve the completeness, accuracy, objectivity and authority of the analysis, so that The report is more instructive, after all, report analysis is for improvement, and improved behavior requires the company's budget and leadership decisions.

Website Analysis Report - Framework - Production Process

Items Included in the Website Analysis Report

Domain name analysis


Natural Search, Paid Search, Backlink (Backlink/Backlink)

Keywords by Country: Organic Search, Paid Search

Traffic Comparison: Organic vs Paid

Organic Search: Top Keywords, Keyword Ranking Distribution, Top Competitors, Competitive Ranking Map, Branded Organic Search Overview, Branded vs Non-Branded Search, Branded Search Trends

Paid Search: Top Keywords, Adword Distribution, Top Competitors

Top Backlinks, Top Anchor Text, Follow VS Nofollow, Top Backlink Domain Names, Top Referred Pages

Natural Search URL Overview, Paid Search URL Overview, Natural Search URL VS Domain, Backlink URL VS Domain, Natural Search URL Top Keywords, Paid Search URL Top Keywords, Target Keywords

organic search

Organic Search Overview, Keywords by Country, Organic Search vs Paid Search, Top Keywords, Keyword Ranking Distribution, Top Competitors, Competitive Ranking Map, Branded Search Overview, Branded Search vs Non-Branded Search, Brand Traffic Trends, Ranking Overview, Traffic/Keyword Chart, Ranking, Ranking Change: New Ranking vs Lost Keywords, Ranking Change: Ranking Up vs. Dropping Keywords, Top Competitors, Ranking Pages, URL Overview, URL vs Domain, URL Rank, URL Top Keywords, Top Pages, Top Ranking Changes, Target Keywords

back chain

Total Backlinks, Score, New & Lost Backlinks, Authority Score Trend, Type, Follow Vs Nofollow, Referring Domains, TLD Distribution, Top Country, Top Anchor Text, Top Backlinks, Top Referring Domains, Top indexed Pages, Competitor Comparison

advertising research

SEM/PPC/Paid Search refer to natural search

Traffic Analysis

Traffic Overview, Traffic Source Trends, Metrics Chart, Device Traffic Ratio, Traffic Sources, Top Subdomains, Top Referring Sites, Top Search Engines, Top Social Networks, Top Countries, Competitor Comparison

keyword gap

Keyword Comparison, Top Opportunities, Keywords Overlap

keyword analysis


CPC Distribution, Trends, Phrase Match Keywords Overview, Related Keywords Overview, Organic Search Results, Ad copies, Competitor Keyword Ad Copy, SEM Ad History

Phrase Match Phrase Match

Keyword Match, CPC Distribution, Trends

Related Keywords

Related Keywords, CPC Distribution, Trends

keyword gap

Keyword Comparison, Top Opportunities, Keywords Overlap

Backlink Check

project to be created

Rank query

project to be created

website check

Crawl Budget, General, Overview, Issues, Detailed Issues, Crawled Pages, Visibility Vs Error Trend, Incoming Internal Links, Crawl Depth, HTTP Status Codes, Canonicalization, Pages Markup, AMP Links, Sitemap VS Crawled pages, Web Vitals Page Statu, Core Web vitals Historical Data

On Page Check

Ideas Trend, Ideas Trend

social media tools

Social Media Toolkit, Tracker, Analytics

Google Analytics

Overview, Metrics Chart, Traffic Channels, New/Old Visitors, Conversions-Ecommerce, Top Pageviews, Location, Language, Referrals, Top Landing pages, Campaigns, Device Classification

Google My Business

Customer Actions, Searches

Performance Overview, Metrics Chart, Performance Table, Keywords Performance, Top Campaigns, Top AdGroups, Top Keywords

Google Search Console

GSC: Search Performance (overview, by Category, Metrics Chart)

Listing Management

need to build project

Brand Monitoring

need to build project

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