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Is Google AdSense a Google Search Ranking Factor?

AdSense is a Google advertising product that allows publishers to monetize their content by displaying targeted ads on their websites.Publishers make money when people view or click on these ads.

So why do some people think that AdSense is a ranking factor?Ads have nothing to do with organic rankings, right?

Well, our belief is that it's also in Google's interest as a company to send traffic to pages with ads served by Google.

When a website monetizes with AdSense, it becomes another platform on which Google advertisers place their ads.

Ethics aside, Google has an incentive to send traffic to pages displaying AdSense ads.

More trafficThat means more ad clicks and views, which means Google's advertisers are happy to pay for more ads.

But will Google let its interests as a company get in the way of delivering unbiased organic search results?

This is a theory shared by those who question whether AdSense is a ranking factor.

Conversely, there are concerns that AdSense ads may negatively impact rankings, as Google has specific guidelines for proper ad placement.

Let's dig deeper into these claims and look at the evidence that AdSense has had on search rankings.

Disclaimer: AdSense is a ranking factor

There are various claims to use AdSense as a ranking factor.

AdSense is a positive sign

One theory is that placing AdSense ads on a page has a positive impact on rankings because these ads generate profits for Google and its advertisers.

Since many of Google's services are intertwined -- such as organic search, Google Ads, and AdSense -- it's bound to guess that they share signals with each other.

Just as the theory that Google Ads is a ranking factor we debunked in another chapter is widely circulated, the same line of thinking applies to AdSense.

Lack of trust in Google?

One factor connecting all these theories seems to be a mistrust of Google.

People believe these claims because trust in Google is not enough to keep search results fair and objective.

Google's reputation as a trustworthy company has been marred by lawsuits and investigations over alleged anticompetitive business practices.

Government officials have accused Google of favoring its own Android apps and favoring its own products in search results.

Filed against Google in the past in Europe and the USAntitrust Charges.Google is often slapped with allegations of anti-competitive behaviorSufferU.S. Department of Justice review.

Despite being ordered to pay fines, GoogleinsistIt doesn't do anything to stifle competition.

The ongoing investigation into Google's conduct has severely damaged its image as a company people can trust.

That's why AdSense continues to bring up the discussion about ranking factors.

AdSense is a negative sign

Another way of saying it is that site owners must exercise caution when participating in AdSense.

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Using too many ads or using them in the wrong places is considered to have a negative impact on rankings.

This theory stems from the fact that Google is gradually putting more emphasis on pages that provide a good user experience.

Cramming a page with ads can create a poor user experience in a number of ways that Google considers important.

Lots of ads can make the main content difficult to identify, cause the page to load slowly, and cause the page to move around as it loads.

Each of these can potentially lower a site's Page Experience score.This is why AdSense can be a negative ranking factor.

According to the statement, AdSense either increases or decreases rankings.which one?

This is evidence.

Evidence: AdSense as a ranking factor

For each adjacent claim, this section is divided into two parts.

AdSense is a positive sign

The question of whether AdSense affects a website's search ranking is so frequent that GoogleAdSense Help Guidesolved this problem in .

Google confirms AdSensewill notAffects a site's position in the SERPs:

"Participating in Google AdSense will not affect your site's ranking in Google's search results or the search results we provide.

Google believes in freedom of speech and therefore provides broad access to web content.

Our search results are not affected by our relationships with paid advertisers and publishers.We will continue to display search results based on our PageRank technology. "

Site owners should not use AdSense under the assumption that it will have a positive impact on search rankings, as this has been proven to be untrue.

Keep this in mind if you are doing a competitive SERP analysis.If a competitor is using AdSense and your site doesn't, you don't need to worry about it being a ranking factor.

Will it lead to worse rankings?This is evidence for another claim.

AdSense is a negative ranking factor

As we learned in the previous section, AdSense has no positive or negative impact on rankings.

In general, however, ads degrade the user experience in Google's eyes and lead to lower rankings.

There is nothing inherently wrong with placing ads on a website.But the way they are used can spell trouble for SEO.

When it comes to ad placement, Google requires site owners to follow the "Better Ads Standard," which lists ad placements that are unacceptable on mobile and desktop.

Additionally, the AdSense Help Center has a section on ad placement best practices that site owners need to follow.

Finally, Google's web experience updates take into account how sites use ads.

In communicating with site owners about the page experience update, Google said:

"Sites must not use ad technology that distracts, interrupts, or otherwise detracts from a good user experience.

Sites can use ads that negatively affect rankings in a number of ways, but this is not unique to AdSense.

Intrusive AdSense ads are treated the same as any other type of intrusive ads.

Google Ads as a Ranking Factor: Our Verdict

Google confirms AdSensenot a ranking factor.

How AdSense ads are used on web pagesMay causeRank drops, but all ads do.Therefore, it is also inaccurate to say that AdSense is a potentially negative ranking factor.

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