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Is content length a Google ranking factor?

Does a larger word count help with higher search rankings on Google?Find out if it's a ranking factor here.One of the longest-running debates in SEO happens to involve the length of content and whether it has an impact on rankings.

Word count is said to be a factor in search results, claiming that Google considers a high word count a sign of high-quality content.Let’s investigate these claims and address the debate surrounding word count as a ranking factor.

Disclaimer: Content length is a ranking factor

Content is king, so having more content than your competitors is considered better for search rankings.

Based on the theory that word count is an indicator of content quality, SEO experts claim that larger word counts can help achieve higher ranking positions.

Some experts even recommend a specific word count as the "sweet spot" to land on the Google homepage.

These claims lead marketers and companies to think they need to expand their content to reach a certain number of words in order to be competitive in Google.

Evidence of content length as a ranking factor

Google is often asked if word count is a ranking factor, which means we have a lot of evidence to extract from this section.

Based on all the available evidence, it is clear that word count is not a ranking factor.

Google's John Mueller said this in a Reddit thread SEO asks how to analyze word count in SERPs.

他 说:

"Word count is not a ranking factor.Save yourself the trouble.

Here's another statement from Mueller on Twitter confirming that word counts are not used to assess content quality:

"Word counts are not indicative of quality.Some pages have many words that say nothing.Some pages have only a few words that are very important and relevant to the query.You know your content best (hopefully) and can decide if it needs detail.

In another example, Mueller suggested that adding more text to a page doesn't make it better from Google's perspective:

“From our perspective, word count on a page is not a quality factor, nor is it a ranking factor.

So just blindly adding more and more text to a page doesn't make it any better.

Content Length as a Ranking Factor: Our Verdict

Word count was confirmed not to be a ranking factor.

When it comes to getting search results, Google cares most about satisfying the user's intent.

It might take 50 words, 100 words, or 1 words to convey what the searcher needs to know.This number varies by query.

If the user is searching for a question that needs a quick answer, then shorter content is enough to rank on the first page.

There is no benefit to extending the content length to accommodate arbitrary word counts.

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