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Is using Google Analytics a search ranking factor?

Does Google Search look better on your website if you use Google Analytics?

They say Google Analytics isn't just for website data, oh no - it's to improve our keyword rankings.

But are there any legitimate studies to back up these claims?

It turns out that a lot of SEO experts cover this topic.So is Google Analytics used as a ranking factor fact or fiction?

Read on to find out.

Disclaimer: Google Analytics as a Ranking Factor

You may hear someone claim that removing Google Analytics from your website will hurt your search engine rankings and may even result in Google penalizing you.


Is Google Analytics a ranking factor?

Before we start, let's address the obvious:

No, Google Analytics is not a ranking factor.

Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to measure ROI and better understand your customers.Google has been making this clear since its acquisition of Urchin Web Analytics (now known as Google Analytics) back in 2005.

Matt Cutts, the former head of Google's website spam team, answered this question in a 2010 video:

"Google Analytics is not used in any way for the search quality of our rankings"

Then Google's Gary IIlyes tackled the problem again in 2017

Do not believe?Let's hear from Google's John Mueller again, this time through Twitter in 2018..

He went on to clarify any confusion that Google Analytics is not required for search.

Is Using Google Analytics a Search Ranking Factor - GA-Not-a-Factor-Twitter-john-ga4

Will I be penalized for using Google Analytics on Google?

I know it's hard to understand what can and can't be punished on Google - especially when you read something like this from a Google Analytics competitor.

Bill Hartzer, an SEO consultant and my longtime SEO icon, stepped in to ask Mueller what he thought of this article.

Google Analytics as a Ranking Signal: Our Verdict

Google Analytics is not a ranking factor.

If your SEO agency tells you your site needs it to rank, you should find another SEO agency.

The conspiracy theories you've heard about Google wanting your SEO team to use Google Analytics to get more details about your strategy are completely false.

Google's algorithm isn't just about pimping its own product to the algorithm, at least for now.

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