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Is IP address a Google ranking factor?

Brian Dean's old story and advice would lead us to believe that your server's IP address affects your rankings.

But is this a myth?

One might think that it wouldn't help much if Google blacklisted servers, since SEO black hats can move their servers.But it will be an ongoing game of Hungry Hungry Hippo.

This, and the evidence we'll share below, is why the information SEO professionals are getting here is mixed.Below, we'll discuss the truth behind IP addresses as a ranking factor.

The idea of ​​IP addresses as a ranking factor started with the term "bad community".

Bad community is based on the idea that if you are using shared hosting, your IP address will be shared with all other sites on the same shared server.

Essentially this could mean that you are sharing your server with 5, 20, 100, 1 or even 000+ other websites.

If you share a server with 499 other sites talking about porn, does that affect your rankings?

Should you get a dedicated IP address?Or cloud hosting?

Let's explore the evidence.

Evidence of IP address as a ranking factor

Is IP address a ranking factor?

Google's Matt Cutts answered this IP address question back in 2003.

Mueller's response is simple and direct: Nope

Does server location matter for SEO?

If your website is hosted in the US but moved to a server in Brazil, will this affect your SEO?

Mueller responded to the question on Twitter, saying:

If moved to a server in another location?Usually not.Otherwise, we get enough geolocation information, for example, from the TLD and geolocation settings in Search Console.

Do IP addresses affect link building?

Many SEO professionals believe that server locations and different C-level IP addresses can improve rankings.

Mueller answered the question with a simple "no" in a Google Hangout.

He added:

"It's not something you need to artificially buy blocks of IP addresses to shuffle.Especially if you're on a CDN, then you'll end up using IP blocks with other companies as well.Or, if you're using shared hosting, then these things happen.It's not something you need to move around artificially.

Is Shared IP, Dedicated IP or Cloud Hosting Better for SEO?

It doesn't matter if you have a shared IP, dedicated IP or cloud hosting for SEO.Mueller answered questions related to dedicated IP and SEO on Twitter.

“Shared ip addresses are fine for search! Lots of hosting /CDN environments are using them.

IP Addresses as Ranking Signals: Our Verdict

The general consensus is that your time is best spent on website performance and content.

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