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Are Relevance, Distance and Prominence a Google Ranking Factor?

Read on to find out if there is any link between prominence, distance, and relevance and improved Google rankings.

Local businesses looking to get more traffic from search must improve their local rankings.

But do prominence, distance, and relevance affect your organic search rankings?

Read on to find out if there is any link between prominence, distance, and relevance and improved Google rankings.

Statement: Relevance, distance and prominence are ranking factors

What is the relevance, distance and prominence associated with local businesses?

CorrelationDetermines how well a search user's query matches information about local businesses.

While Google can get information from the web, the best way to ensure relevance is to use the full Google My Business listing.

Think about which keywords you have optimized your site for – these same product and service keywords should appear in your GMB listings.

distanceDetermine the distance between the searching user and the local business according to the user's browser information.

The closer a search user is to a local business, the more likely that business will appear in local map results.

The exception is if other local businesses are more relevant to the search query.

It may be more visible in search results than businesses that are closer and less relevant.

ProminenceDetermines the popularity of local businesses offline.

"For example, a well-known museum, a landmark hotel, or a well-known store brand might also stand out in local search results.

Evidence of Relevance, Distance and Prominence as Ranking Factors

In the Google My Business Help Center, Google specifically states:

"Local results are primarily based on relevance, distance, and prominence.The combination of these factors helps us find the best match for your search.For example, our algorithm may decide that businesses further away from your location are more likely to have what you're looking for and thus rank higher in local results than businesses closer to your location.

To improve each of the above factors of your business, Google recommends that you fill out your business details in Google My Business.

These details help Google determine the relevance and proximity of your business to users' search queries.

"More reviews and positive reviews can improve your business's local rankings.

In 2018, Moz released their research on the top ranking factors.

The top three signals come from Google My Business, links and reviews.

This is in line with Google's recommendation to update your Google My Business profile and get more reviews.

Relevance, Distance and Prominence as Ranking Factors: Our Verdict

Google confirms prominence, distance, and relevance through the Google My Business Help Center.

In addition to entering full business details in Google My Business, Google recommends the following actions to improve your visibility in local search results.

  • Verify each of your business locations, to increase the likelihood that your business will be close to applicable search users.
  • make yourKeep business hours up to dateand accurate.
  • Manage and reply to all comments, including positive and negative reviews.
  • Add to showcase your business, photos of products and services.

For better prominence, focus on increasing mentions of your business within and outside the local community.

The more positive mentions, ratings, and reviews Google sees about your business, the more likely your visibility on Google will increase.

Also, be sure to read our aboutLocal citations and NAP (name, address, phone number)Chapters.

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