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Are WWW vs Non-WWW a Google Ranking Factor?

Is www important for SEO?In this chapter, we'll determine whether using or excluding www on your domain is a Google ranking factor.


Does Including or Excluding www in URLs Affect Organic Search Rankings?

Some SEO professionals claim that domains with www rank higher than domains without www, and vice versa.

In this chapter, we'll determine whether using or excluding www on your domain is a Google ranking factor.

Disclaimer: WWW/NON-WWW in URL is a ranking factor 排名是否仅基于(或缺乏)的www的使用(或缺乏)而高于反之亦然)?

To determine this, we must first define what the www portion of the URL represents.

Let's take a look at the following URLs:

  • – 根域上的 HTML 页面。
  • – 子文件夹/子目录中的 HTML 页面。
  • – www 子域下的 HTML 页面。
  • – 应用商店子域下的 HTML 页面。

Now that we know that www is considered a subdomain, let's see what Google doesUse of subdomains and subdirectoriesWhat's your opinion.

Evidence against WWW or non-WWW as a ranking factor

In 2005, Google published an article on the Google Search Central blog about www vs non-www for developers.

The authors do not state whether Google has a preference;It's just that webmasters should choose one of these.

Google has since confirmed that the www subdomain does not affect rankings.

In 2017, a Twitter user asked Google if it prefers www or non-www for SEO.

Google search advocate John Mueller confirmed that www is a brand preference that has little impact on SEO.

In 2018, during Google Webmaster Central Office Hours, someone asked Google if there was a difference between subdomains and subdirectories.

According to Mueller, "Overall, we're seeing the same thing.

In 2019, Mueller explained canonical URLs on the Google Search Central blog:

"Sometimes, web pages can be accessed using multiple URLs.In this case, Google will try to determine the best URL to appear in search and otherwise use.We call this a "canonical URL".Site owners can help us better determine canonical URLs for their content in a number of ways.

He goes on to explain how to use Google Search Console to determine which URL Google has chosen.

If you prefer a non-www version of your site, and Google selects a page on the www version, you can follow the instructions for merging duplicate URLs updated in 2021.

In 2020, Mozilla updated webmasters' guidelines on choosing the www or non-www version of their domain name.

They also concluded that it doesn't matter which version of your website you choose, as long as you stick to that version as the canonical URL.

They go on to explain how to set the canonical URL.

Using WWW vs. Non-WWW as Ranking Factors: Our Verdict

Without news or research from Google proving that domains with or without www rank better, we have to conclude that this is unlikely to be a ranking factor.The key to success with www or non-www is to choose one and be consistent.

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