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Teach you a trick to use a firewall to block UA (User Agent) network attacks

A few days ago, someone maliciously attacked this website and the server. At the beginning, the pace was slow, and the server was restarted. Later, it was terrible. After entering the server background, I could not enter the server. I could only stop the website. Once the website was started, the server jumped in seconds. , and then, the first thing to restart the server is to stop the website, check the log, and find that the database of the server is frequently called, the network layer data is full, the application layer calls the CPU and the content is also full, the reason is that some people use the Wordpress search function of this website, frequently How often do you perform searches? Roughly calculate that thousands of requests come in every second.

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URL choose absolute or relative path in website internal link building?

In the process of website optimization and SEO, we will use internal links to increase the relevance of the page, build the website into a web-like interweaving look, let search engines like our website, and give web spiders enough nutrition-links.Principles of Internal Link Paths 24936 In the article on how to build internal links on a website, we introduced the rules and methods of building internal links on a website in detail.There is a description of "long-tail keywords are linked with high-relevance absolute paths", which clearly states that it is necessary to use evidence-based paths to make internal links.Absolute path: Relative…

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What are the basic terms and basic concepts of SEO?

For those who do not know SEO, SEO is still very mysterious, and SEO itself can be professionally designed in universities, but no one does it, because the masters of SEO are not in schools and books, but in commercial secrets, so generally you What can be learned is what everyone knows, the more generally known. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Search engine optimization, the practice of optimizing network information to the first page or the first few pages of keywords.The indexing and ranking of web pages is inseparable from spiders. Spiders are actually a…

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