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URL choose absolute or relative path in website internal link building?

In the process of website optimization and SEO, we will use internal links to increase the relevance of the page, build the website into a web-like intertwined look, let search engines like our website, and give web spiders enough nutrition – links.

Internal link path principle XNUMX

In the article on how to build internal links on a website, we introduced the rules and methods of building internal links on a website in detail.which describes "Long-tail keywords are linked with highly relevant absolute paths”, clearly stating that the data pair path is needed to make the internal link.

Absolute path:

Relative path: /seo-24936.html

Any link in the website omits the main domain name by default, and the relative path /web-build/seo-24936.html is equivalent to The effect of /web-build/seo-24936.html.

Internal link path principle XNUMX

Does Baidu Branch support the https protocol?As of today, January 2021, 1, Baidu's official answer is as follows:

"Baidu can only include a small number of https pages at present, and most https pages cannot be included. It is recommended not to use the https protocol on the homepage of the website and the content pages that are open to all users. If it is absolutely necessary, try to make the homepage and important pages http. The accessible version is included in Baidu.”

Therefore, if we use absolute links, and at the same time, we use the https protocol in order to increase the security of the website, it may lead to poor inclusion and delivery effects of these links.

Regarding the http and https protocols, Baidu recommends that it is best to keep the effect that both protocols can be opened, such as: link and .cn/seo-24936.html can be accessed, then at this time, only relative links can maximize the weight of the links.

If you consider the overall effect and improve the first and second principles, you can use the absolute link of http while retaining the two protocol access methods of https and http throughout the site, so that the absolute link can be quickly included by Baidu, and at the same time retain the https link accessibility.

Best Practices for Internal Link Paths

  • Do not add https or http to absolute links; but it depends on the CMS situation, is it supported?Some CMSs support different ways in different locations. In the end, you need to test them and make links in a way that is more suitable for you, such as: brand marketing planning //; at present, Baidu has made adjustments , https should be fully supported, so the difference between http and https can be ignored;
  • The core keywords are returned to the home page, and each article must add the core keywords;
  • Internal links establish a link dictionary, don't make a mistake in the link, if you modify the link, modify the link dictionary first;
  • When linking to other articles on the page, try to be related to the keywords of this article, do not disperse them, and point to the home page, column page, and article page respectively.

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