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Request to remove or unlink infringing web content template

Brand owners have high demands for brand protection.BrandsNegative information does not necessarily represent the normal state of the entire brand, and to a certain extent, negative information has exaggerated and slanderous emotions, which need to be dealt with according to facts and laws. The following form is the deletion or disconnection provided by the state for brand/enterprise protection Templates of infringing links, especially some people who infringe and maliciously spread brand-side videos, tamper, modify, sign and other operations, we should resolutely resist.米国生活for yourBrand MarketingEscort.

Notice of Request to Remove or Unlink Infringing Web Content (Sample Format)
network service provider name*
contact address Zip code
domain name E-mail
电话 fax
right holder Name/Name* Valid documents*
(copy attached)
Legal representative*
contact address* post code*
Contact* telephone*
E-mail * fax
Agent Name/Name* Valid documents*
(copy attached)
Legal representative*
contact address* post code*
Contact* telephone*
E-mail * fax
domain name* record number or
Permit number
IP address* 电话
E-mail fax
Infringing content*
Infringing content web address*
Infringement facts and supporting materials*
Notification requirements*
Warranty Statement The informant guarantees the authenticity of the contents of this notice and assumes legal responsibility for it.
Right holder (or its agent)
Signed and sealed)*
year month day

Produced by the National Copyright Administration
(This sample format can be downloaded by clicking the attachment)
Notice to Remove or Unlink Infringing Web Content - National Copyright Administration

Completion Instructions:
XNUMX. The "Notice of Requesting Deletion or Disconnection of Infringing Internet Content" is a guide format model formulated by the National Copyright Administration in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Regulations on the Protection of the Right to Disseminate Information Networks", and is only recommended for use by the public.
XNUMX. Columns with "*" in the notice are required items.
XNUMX. "Network Service Providers" refer to network service providers engaged in network information storage space services or network search and link services.As the recipient of this notice, the relevant information of the network service provider, such as mailing address, zip code, domain name, E-mail, telephone, fax, etc., can be retrieved through the Internet.The right holder can inquire the relevant information of the allegedly infringing website and network service provider through the "IP WHOIS Database" website or other websites that provide IP address inquiry services.
XNUMX. "Domain Name" is a hierarchical character identifier for identifying and locating a computer on an information network, corresponding to the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer, and representing a certain enterprise, institution or individual on the information network.The form of the domain name is composed of several English letters and numbers, separated into several parts by ".".Such as: and so on.
XNUMX. "Right holder or agent", including natural persons, legal persons and other organizations.If the right holder entrusts an agent to issue a notice, the agent must present the right holder's power of attorney to the network service provider.Each different notice given by the agent requires separate authorization from the right holder.
XNUMX. "Valid documents", including ID cards and passports of natural persons, industrial and commercial business licenses of legal persons, and corresponding licenses of other organizations.When filling in the valid certificate number, it is necessary to indicate the type of certificate at the same time, and provide a copy of the certificate as an attachment to this notice.
XNUMX. "Telephone", the fixed telephone number must be filled in, and the mobile telephone number can be filled in at the same time.
XNUMX. "Infringing website" refers to a website that, in the opinion of the right holder, disseminates his works, performances, audio and video recordings on the information network without legal authorization, infringes the right holder's right of information network dissemination or deletes or changes the electronic information of his rights management.
XNUMX. "Filing number or license number" refers to the registration number that a non-commercial Internet information service provider has filed with the state information industry authority in accordance with Article XNUMX of the Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services; or a business Internet information service provider The provider shall apply to the national information industry authority for the license document number of the information service.The record number or license number is generally displayed at the bottom of the website homepage, and you can log in to the ICP-IP address information record management system of the Ministry of Information Industry to check and verify its authenticity. The website is:
4. "IP address" means the address of a computer terminal on an information network displayed in digital form.According to the TCP/IP protocol (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), it is a series of 0 groups of numbers divided by dots, each of which is between 256-202, such as: 202 .96 is the IP address of a host server. The IP address can be queried through the website of the IP address query service such as the IP WHOIS database.
XNUMX. "Infringing content" refers to works, performances, and audio and video recordings that the right holder believes infringes its right to disseminate information on the Internet or deletes or alters its rights management electronic information.
24850. "Website address of the infringing content" refers to the specific network address where the infringing work proposed by the right holder is located.That is: the information displayed in the address box at the top of the browser.This information corresponds to the location of the web content.For example, "" is a specific webpage address.
XNUMX. "Infringement facts and supporting materials". Infringement facts refer to the objective situation of infringing the rights holder's right of information network dissemination or deleting and changing the electronic information of his rights management.Proof materials include physical evidence of infringement, documentary evidence and the ownership certificate of the copyright owner.The ownership certificate includes the copyright registration certificate (number), the copyright page of the first published publication, the authorization certificate, the power of attorney of the agent and other supporting documents.The original or photocopy of the supporting documents should be provided in the form of attachments for filling in the supporting materials.
XNUMX. "Notification Requirements" refers to the specific matters that the party issuing this notice proposes to the party accepting the notice that needs to be fulfilled.This includes matters such as immediate removal or unlinking of infringing web content.
XNUMX. "Signature (seal) of the right holder or agent", the signature of the natural person or the use of the name seal; the official seal of the legal person, and the signature of the legal representative or the relevant person in charge.
XNUMX. The sample format and filling instructions of this "Notice of Request to Delete or Disconnect Infringing Internet Content" can be downloaded and used for free in the "Legal Document Download" section of the website of the National Copyright Administration.National Copyright Administration website: WWW.NCAC.GOV.CN.
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