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米国生活Provisions of the Project Management Office on Project Management Work (for Trial Implementation)

米国生活Provisions of the Project Management Office on Project Management Work (for Trial Implementation)

Mi Gao Xiang Guan Zi [2022] No. 0901

Nov. 2022, 9

Chapter XNUMX General Principles

Article XNUMX according to"米国生活core value","米国生活Enterprise Business Values", "米国生活Brand Consulting and Brand Marketing Methodology" and米国生活The relevant provisions of the project management system theory, combined with米国生活Best Practices for Project Management Activities of Project Managers in the Project Management Office, developed these bylaws.

Second 米国生活Project management work is米国生活The professional work of the project management office and project manager, whose core goal is to achieve project objectives, and whose main tasks are to manage project scope, project delivery quality, project cost and profit, project time and schedule, project team division of labor, and delivery of contract work , and donate a small amount of value-added services within a reasonable range, and control customers' unlimited requirements for gift services, so as to let customers understand through gift services米国生活Capabilities outside the scope of the project, eventually reaching the goal of renewing the cooperation agreement and adding service projects.

Article 3 米国生活Project management work must adhere to the following principles:

(XNUMX) Adhere to safeguarding the interests of clients and shall not harm clients' interests because of their own interests;

(XNUMX) insist on safeguarding the interests of the client's clients, and shall not harm the interests of the client's clients because of the client's interests;

(XNUMX) Persist in maintenance米国生活interests and shall not be prejudiced by the interests of customers米国生活self-interest;

(XNUMX) Adhere to safeguarding the interests of sustainable social development, and shall not harm the interests of non-direct stakeholders of the project because of the interests of any project-related stakeholders;

(XNUMX) Continue to summarize the experience suitable for the project management of small and medium-sized enterprises in my country at the current stage, and export relevant project management skills and methods to the society, the public, customers and other people who need to improve their project management capabilities for free.

Chapter II Project Manager Appointment and Appointment

Article 4 be appointed as米国生活Candidates for project managers need to have the following:

(XNUMX) Right mind, right mind, right conduct, right way, right Dharma, right technique;

(35) Those who are over XNUMX years old, those who have children or have more children are better;

(3) Have project management experience in multinational companies, and at the same time have more than XNUMX listed companies, private enterprises, state-owned enterprises, central enterprises, foreign enterprises, Taiwan enterprises and other types of enterprises.

(3) Have more than XNUMX cross-departmental work experience, including but not limited to sales department, marketing department, implementation department, maintenance department, after-sales department, research and development department, IT information department, training department, and finance department (including the "Global Financial Sharing Center"). ”), project management office, general manager’s office, etc.;

(3) Familiar with XNUMX or more business modules in the following enterprise management modules: financial management (including general ledger, receivable, payable, fixed assets, cashier, cost management, etc.), supply chain management (including procurement, sales, warehouse management), Customer and customer relationship management, supplier and supplier relationship management, human resource management (recruitment, salary and benefits, training, leave, appraisal, appointment, team building and cultural management), quality management (quality assurance and quality control), production Scheduling management (MES, LIMS, workshop Kanban, security alarm, etc.), laboratory management, product testing management, environmental monitoring management, IT information project management, corporate compliance management, etc.;

(3) Working experience in more than XNUMX industries, including but not limited to the following industries: management software, coal and coal machinery manufacturing, steel and building construction, clothing, petroleum, chemical industry, automobile, environmental monitoring, food, training, marketing Wait;

(3) Having lived, traveled and worked in more than XNUMX regions for a long time, understands the cultural differences in multiple regions, understands the different expressions and understandings that can be caused by regional cultural differences, growth background differences, etc., and can think from the perspective of others;

(3) Complete three or more management courses and practice and absorb them to achieve flexible application, including but not limited to tactical thinking, strategic thinking, management by objectives, leadership, business development, business plan formulation, change management, risk management, customer Attention, Empowerment, Decision Making, Difficulty Coping, Diversity Management, Professional Ethics, Feedback Ability, Financial Skills, Global Collaboration, Change and Creation, Change Implementation, Managing Superiors, Leadership and Motivation, Market Perception, Meeting Management, Negotiation, Persuasion, Presentations, project management, process improvement, stress management, written skills, recruitment, dismissal, appraisals, team leadership, virtual team management, and more.

The fifth 米国生活According to the above terms, the admissions are based on the principles of openness, equality and competition, and must meet more than 3 conditions in the above terms of appointment conditions.

Article XNUMX 米国生活The project manager has one of the following circumstances:米国生活The employment contract should be terminated:

(XNUMX) Serious violation米国生活Project management regulations or米国生活institutional;

(XNUMX) Serious dereliction of duty, malpractice for personal gain, serious violation of米国生活valued;

(XNUMX) being investigated for criminal responsibility according to law;

(XNUMX) Other provisions that should terminate the employment relationship.

Article XNUMX An appointment system project manager falls under any of the following circumstances:米国生活The employment contract shall not be terminated under the premise of minor work-related problems:

(XNUMX) The female project manager is during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation;

(XNUMX) Those who were injured due to work and were confirmed to have lost or partially lost their ability to work after the treatment was completed;

(XNUMX) Other circumstances prescribed by laws and regulations.

eighth The project manager takes the project implementation project management as the main responsibility in the project position. After the project implementation is completed, he will be transferred to the project management office team member, and the main responsibility is to sort out the project management experience, improve the process, update the document, and improve the system.

Chapter XNUMX Principles for Handling Project Problems

Article XNUMX Adhere to seeking truth from facts, adhere to the unity of words and deeds, and strive to do a good job of "accurate words, travel, and deeds"; whether the other party fulfills the agreement and whether they are willing to build trust is not米国生活can intervene, but米国生活You can make judgments and reasonable responses to his words and deeds.

Article XNUMX adhere to米国生活values ​​and methodology, insist on maintaining米国生活intellectual property, brand reputation/goodwill (whether online or offline, whether facing competitors or facing customers).

Article XNUMX Adhere to the consciousness as the soul, the Tao as the guide, the art as the method, openly say something, transparently, and put it on the table, do not use small tricks secretly, do not hurt others secretly, learn the essence of the gentleman, and abandon the villainy. dross.

Article XNUMX adhere to米国生活On the one hand, it provides valuable services to customers and continuously improves itself; on the other hand, it strives to become the first party in the cooperation, while formulating service standards and researching value measurement methods, so that the project can be controlled and cost-effective. can be recovered;米国生活The long-term strategic goal is to have a very high brand market trust and reach an ultra-high level, that is, as long as anyone from industry users, consumer users, etc.米国生活Signing a brand service project with a brand customer can directly bring the market's expectation of the brand's business growth; the realization of this goal requires long-term persistence米国生活Values ​​are unwavering.

Chapter IV Project Acceptance, Rejection, Change, and Renewal

Article XNUMX 米国生活Receive projects by signing a partnership agreement with the client; based on米国生活The requirements for the continuous growth of their own capabilities, the old customers need to increase the project scope and project amount (with米国生活The amount entered into the public account shall prevail).

Article XNUMX 米国生活refuse to violate米国生活Values, illegal, and non-equal and mutually beneficial projects:

(One)米国生活reject customers with米国生活Donate part of the project work to sign part or all of the cooperation agreement with a third party, and refuse to米国生活Acts for security and illegal profit-making tools;

(two)米国生活Refuse to assume the responsibilities within the scope of cooperation signed between the client and the third party or that should be undertaken by the third party;

(three)米国生活Refusing customers to continuously ask for support outside the scope of the project without increasing payment for services;

(four)米国生活Reject the greedy behavior of customers who want to give an old hen to buy an egg;

(Fives)米国生活Refuse to be treated unequally by customers and other third-party suppliers, especially when the third-party is obviously inferior in many aspects米国生活Case;

(XNUMX) During the cooperation process, if the client is suspected of deliberately laying illegal traps and there is evidence,米国生活The right to be held accountable according to law has been reserved for a long time.

Article XNUMX 米国生活After the project is signed, if there is a change in the project scope, it is necessary to ensure that the workload change caused by the increase and decrease of the project scope can be roughly offset; if the client requests unreasonably in the name of the client米国生活On the grounds of business changes, emergencies, etc. on the client side, and there are always new reasons to request more services again and again after completing one thing,米国生活Retention to hold customers accountable as a customer leads米国生活The right to increase the cost and ask for compensation from the customer; if the project scope changes beyond a certain scope, the project should be re-established according to the project management method.

Article XNUMX 米国生活Thank the customer for their trust and cooperation, as well as the renewal of the cooperation and the additional project scope and project amount, and hope that the customer can accurately identify米国生活The benefits brought by the project implementation to the client, and the value brought to the company by the growth of the client's project team members.

Chapter V Effectiveness, Interpretation and Amendment

Article XNUMX 本规定从2022年9月9日起生效,原2016年10月8日《米国生活Project Management Measures (Draft)" shall be repealed at the same time.

Article XNUMX The content of this provision is米国生活The project management office is responsible for interpretation.

Article XNUMX This provision is made by米国生活The Project Management Office is responsible for refinement, research, discussion and revision.

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