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40 management tips from Jack Welch

On March 3, Beijing time, Jack Welch, the former chairman and CEO of General Electric, passed away.At the age of 84.
Jack Welch's life is full of legends. At the age of 25, he graduated with a Ph.D. and joined General Electric; at the age of 46, he became the youngest chairman and CEO in GE history.
Since joining GE, Jack Welch has been determined to change this bureaucratic enterprise. In the past 20 years, he has increased GE's annual turnover of 250 billion US dollars to 1400 billion US dollars; the original 15 billion US dollars Profits increased to US$127 billion; it was originally ranked 10th in profitability in the United States, and it was promoted to 1st in the world.
Looking back on Jack Welch's life, he left many famous words about management, which benefited later generations a lot. I believe that for you, there must be something Jack Welch said in your heart.(There is a Jack Welch book giving event at the end of the article)
About Human Resources
1,Substitution is not ambiguous, and employment is not frowned upon
2,As long as you think it is worthwhile for senior talents, you will never be stingy.
3,Always use the best business talent, poached at any cost
4,Try to respect the capable, and let the incompetent get out of the way
5,Discover and form talent pool in the middle of career, call at any time
6,Take care of the company's best people and give them rewards, promotions, bonuses and power
7,Build an extreme penchant for adequate preparation and realistic analysis of large numbers of graphs
8,In terms of employing people, there is no shackles in the mind, completely breaking the views of rank, door, and seniority
9,Don't spend too much time trying to change people who don't fit the company's culture and requirements, just fire them and find them again
10,Distinguish the internal and external culture of the company and require that you and everyone else always walk the talk in implementing the internal culture
About corporate employees
11,Directly link employee learning to promotion
12,Set goals that can only be achieved by jumping
13,Live in harmony and work closely with the brightest people in your subordinates
14,Giving the greatest support and resources to the best people
15,Encourage and even force everyone to come up with their own unique ideas
16,It should be normal to exchange opinions without boundaries between different business units
17,Let outstanding talents feel their own value in the main battlefield and front line of the company
18,To speak of a successful model, it is unique in its consistency, allowing employees to practice common values ​​and fight against all dissonance
19,Complimenting your employees at work makes them interested in and responsible for their work, so they can devote themselves to their work with greater enthusiasm
20,Use specific and great goals to attract employees, inspire them, and let them perform freely. In the end, we will find that employees are in high spirits and productivity will be greatly improved.
About management innovation
21,Discover a better way every day
22,If you've never had a new idea, quit your job
23,Great ideas come from everywhere, and ideas should be communicated anytime, anywhere
24,Inside a company, ideas, excitement, energy must flow and travel at the speed of light
25,Grasp the change, adapt to the change, change will be strong, change will kill, change will win, change will win
26,Bringing the best ideas into the company, regardless of where it came from, is the best learning
27,An excellent organization, its most important competitiveness will depend on the organization's ability to learn and the ability to convert learned knowledge into productivity
28,There is no unavoidable nature of the future, and we have no exclusive information about the future.The main goal is to imagine what you can make a reality
29,The only competitive advantage is the ability to learn faster than your competitors.In the global arena, there is no rest between each round of fights
30,There is absolutely no limit to the creativity of the human mind.You just go and communicate with them.I don't like the word management, I like innovation, I'm sure everyone counts
About organization management
31,The less management, the better the company
32,Consistent, simplify, repeat, persist, it's that simple
33,Success belongs to lean and agile organizations.Because such an organization has the least oversight, the most strategy, the fastest decision-making, and the most confidence
34,The world belongs to passionate and motivated leaders who not only have a lot of energy in themselves, but also inspire those who are led by others
35,The potential of employees is something you can never imagine. As for how high their goals can be achieved, no one, including employees themselves, can know.
36,We found that as long as we dared to believe in ourselves and dared to make unremitting efforts towards those seemingly impossible goals, we would eventually get our wish and our personal leadership image would be established accordingly.
37,Leaders need to be confident, willing to delegate power, know when to intervene and when to delegate, and make subordinates feel they can make decisions and control their own destiny
38,You must learn to make your own decisions. If you believe that you are right, you must not give up, let alone succumb to the will of others; even if you make a little progress every day, that is your gain, your victory
39,The power of those slaves is not to protect them or suppress them, but to untie them, free them, leave the hierarchy of management behind, remove the bureaucratic shackles from their ankles, and remove them Institutional Obstacles Ahead
40,The motivation and engagement of people in an organization is now a major factor in gaining an edge over the competition.How you treat your employees will be reflected in how your employees treat customers, and how motivated and creative they are in the process, and that's what makes your organization special

After a generation of legends came to an end, when I looked back at what Jack Welch said, I found that he was not only a great CEO, but also a treasure of corporate management around the world. Even if he passed away, his management mentality will always have an impact. Later people.
Among them, Jack Welch's management works are a huge wealth. It can be said that every professional who has evolved from a rookie with a little knowledge to a unique Kunpeng can be inspired by his book.
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