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Definition of Marketing Secondary Market

We have often used the concept of the secondary market before. The secondary market defined in this article is a concept that is completely different from the secondary market and another dimension.secondary marketIt is the analysis and research of market concepts and market changes, and it is the basis for judging and analyzing the size of the hidden space for market competition, market dynamic changes, and market players' ability to reclassify the market and occupy the market.

The need to define a secondary market

First of all, in the marketing division and definition of the market, there is currently nosecondary marketthe concept of.

Secondly, in the case of serious competition of the same type and homogeneity of products in the market, market competition needs to find new breakthroughs, and the development of market economy needs new competition vitality.The Red Sea market defined by marketing is an existing fiercely competitive, bloody, and cruel market. As the production methods of products and services are known to everyone, production tools are becoming more mature, entry thresholds are gradually falling, and there are a large number of competitors. The influx into the market has led to more suppliers, lower prices and profits, and a series of problems such as the forced reduction of ecological chain operating costs and the resulting decline in product quality. Similar problems have not been answered and resolved by the marketing theory circle.

Then, in the context of relatively fierce competition in the international market, more unstable factors in the international and domestic environments, and greater downward pressure on the domestic economy, the market needs more players to drive economic development towards stability, stability, and new prosperity.

Definition of Secondary Market

米国生活Based on long-term market analysis research and attempts, we have studied, recognized, understood and repeatedly judged the ways and market responses of multiple cases to deal with the market, and made this definition based on research and practice.

Prerequisites for the definition of the secondary market

米国生活The market boundaries were defined previously:

Market boundary δ = total number of users x total demand of users

Assign [total number of users] to the variable N, number; assign [total user demand] to the variable R, requirements.

米国生活Define Market Boundary Formula

among them,

N0, representing the seed number population of humans.

∞, represents the total population that can be reached by the product market, industry market, national and international markets, etc.; in the limit of no boundary, ∞ represents the total demand population generated or reproduced by the 80 billion people in the world today and the process of reproduction.

f(x), represents the dynamic ability to respond to the needs of the population and actually meet their needs; this article does not make an extended explanation.

米国生活Define the secondary market

Secondary market (STA market, Second Time Around market)It is the imbalance between supply and demand in the market due to factors such as market competition reaching a certain level, changes in the market environment, changes in population demand, changes in the productivity structure, and changes in production relations, which lead to the fact that the original dominant market cannot develop well on the original track. , the growth of the recessive market requires the improvement of the market supply and demand structure so as to return to a balanced state. The new total demand of the recessive market that has not been satisfied and needs to be satisfied issecondary market.The boundary formula of the secondary market is the same as the market boundary formula.

The discovery and application direction of the secondary market

The discovery of the secondary market requires a certain amount of soil. It needs to experience very rapid market development, market product iterations, and changes in the market environment within a generation, so as to have the opportunity to watch one or more cycles of changes in a short period of time.China's decades of reform and opening up and China's increasing role in the world reflect the historical portrayal of China's rapid economic development and people's constant adaptation to this development. Combined with the changing international situation, there are many patriotic and hardworking The struggling people are working hard in various fields, so that the author has more opportunities and analysis cases for thinking and research. Therefore, the concept of the secondary market has a better chance of being discovered in China, and China also has a better chance to revisit from a higher perspective. An opportunity to lead the world.

The concept of secondary market can be applied in many fields, including economic management, administration, culture and education, etc.Taking the field of economic management as an example, the Red Sea market is the result of free market competition. The author believes that a market with completely free competition lacks socialist attributes, and it is necessary to strengthen free market competition with socialist attributes. Using a fishbone diagram to explain, the only fishbone The backbone controls the swimming direction of the fish, and other bones support the key structures necessary for life such as the breathing of the fish. In the Red Sea market, it is necessary to insert a backbone of socialism or even communism to promote the regeneration of the secondary market and let the excellent market The main body leads the re-division of the market, with products that better meet new needs, better quality, and more management improvements, with the help of and promotion of Chinese brands and Chinese traditional excellent culture, gradually adding new impetus to market development and increasing people's production and living materials , to better meet people's production and living needs, and increase the vitality of the domestic market and the competitive potential of the international market.

The secondary market is different from the secondary market

Classification of secondary market area

We commonly see two types of scenarios in the secondary market. The first type of scenario is the product sales channel in the marketing field, and the second type of scenario is the stock market trading channel in the financial capital securities field.

Secondary Market Definition

The first category quotes Baidu Encyclopedia to explain:

In the field of marketing, it is generally believed that the secondary market mainly refers to provincial capital cities and prefecture-level cities in developed coastal areas.It is generally believed that the primary market generally refers to the definition of the market, generally large and medium-sized cities, mature and influential cities; Counties and towns in developed areas; the fifth level is mainly a vast rural city.

The second category quotes Baidu Encyclopedia and related articles on the stock market to explain:

The secondary market is a place where securities are traded.The secondary market is a circulation market for securities and a place where issued securities are traded.The secondary market consists of two parts: one is the exchange market, and the other is the over-the-counter market.The exchange market is a highly organized market and the center of the circulation of securities trading.It has a fixed trading place and strict trading hours, and investors can enter the market for direct trading; all participants in the trading are member securities companies with certain qualifications, and securities companies accept and handle those securities that meet the standards and are allowed to be listed. .

The primary market (Primary Market / New Issue Market) is a financial market where companies or government agencies that raise funds sell their newly issued securities such as stocks and bonds to initial buyers.The primary market is not well known to the public,Because the process of selling securities to initial purchasers is not done publicly.An investment bank is an important financial institution that assists in the initial sale of securities in the primary market.Investment banks do this by underwriting securities, meaning they ensure that a company's securities will sell at a certain price before marketing them to the public.The primary stock market refers to the primary stock market, that is, the issuance market, in which investors can subscribe for stocks issued by the company.Through the primary market, the issuer has raised the funds needed by the company, and the investors have purchased the company's stock and become the company's shareholders.Realized the process of converting savings into capital.

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