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Beijing SEO Company - Assistant Manager

Beijing SEO Company-assistant manager
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the daily administrative affairs, work and reports of the President's Office;
2. Responsible for the drafting, binding and delivery of various documents;
3. Do a good job in the recovery, sorting and destruction of documents and materials;
4. Do a good job in the minutes and affairs of various meetings;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by leaders and handle various emergency affairs, and take the initiative to do immediate reporting work;
6. Assist the general manager to maintain supplier relationship, customer relationship and partnership relationship;
7. According to the requirements of leaders and customers, be responsible for the quality completion of daily reports, weekly reports and monthly reports, and report the work immediately;
8. Responsible for the drafting of career planning for this position, the drafting of the company's future business positions and responsibilities planning and other related documents;
9. Cooperate with the general manager to plan and draft the enterprise quality management system, contract execution, procurement review, project approval and other processes to improve;
10. Lead the communication and execution of unscheduled work, study and other matters that are conducive to improving personal ability and reducing corporate losses;
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Familiar with the use of various office software;
3. Good teamwork spirit, honest and reliable, good character, careful and responsible;
4. Lively, cheerful, smart
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