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Beijing SEO Company - Key Account Sales Manager

Beijing SEO Company-Key Account Sales Manager

Skill requirements:
Market Expansion, KA, Sales, Customer Representative, Channel Distribution, Business Channel

Job Responsibilities:
1. On the basis of the company's potential customer resource database, through various media, collect customer information, develop customers and maintain long-term customers;
2. Responsible for the company's marketing plan product sales; consultative sales methods, cooperate with the sales director to complete the team's sales tasks;
3. Plan and track the whole process of sales, and strive to achieve excellent performance.

1. Interested in mobile Internet industry sales;
2. Good communication and expression skills, adaptability and problem-solving skills;
3. Love sales work, have a positive work attitude, strong initiative, good teamwork spirit and customer service awareness.

We provide you with a broad platform, generous salary and benefits.We look forward to your joining!

1. Basic salary 5-10K + commission;
2. Listed companies and high-tech enterprises;
3. The office environment is good, with strong Chinese culture. There is a coffee bar in the park, which is warm and comfortable;
4. The overall quality of the employees is high, the style is positive and healthy, and 90% of them have university degrees or above;
5. Pay attention to staff training and training, once a year for the evaluation activities and salary adjustment opportunities, pay attention to internal promotion, and hold internal competition activities from time to time;
6. Rich company and employee activities: team building, employee travel, birthday party, etc.

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