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Beijing SEO Company - Head of Brand Marketing

Beijing SEO Company- Head of Brand Marketing
Skill requirements:
Marketing, Brand Creative Design, Brand Marketing, Communication Management, Project Management

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for participating in and formulating brand communication strategies, using the Internet, marketing activities, marketing, and brand communication for creative conception and copywriting;
2. Responsible for the implementation and overall control of social marketing cases;
3. Analyze the communication goals of customers, and proactively provide customers with high-value digital marketing integrated communication suggestions;
4. Complete professional services such as whole case planning, execution promotion, customer communication, report and summary;
5. Responsible for the daily operation management and content writing and editing of the brand's official WeChat, Weibo and other new media;
6. Periodic market summary and plan.
1. More than three years of experience in digital marketing or Internet industry, experience in brand social marketing and digital marketing projects is preferred;
2. Familiar with China's Internet and social media environment, and have sufficient enthusiasm for brand communication and social marketing;
3. Good oral and written communication skills, project coordination, control skills and innovative thinking;
4. Excellent customer communication skills, program writing ability, able to complete the writing of key documents such as planning programs, execution programs and periodic reports that meet customer needs, and effectively manage customer expectations and satisfaction;
5. Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.
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