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Beijing SEO Company - Brand Marketing Specialist

Beijing SEO Company-Brand Marketing Specialist
Skill requirements:
office, marketing, planning, public account operation, network marketing, editing
Job Responsibilities:
1. Participate in the creative conception, copywriting and customer proposals of the project, assist in the completion of preliminary proposals and design creative descriptions;
2. Responsible for the creation and writing of copywriting for brands, products, and marketing activities that serve customers;
3. Responsible for serving customers' Weibo, WeChat public accounts, and copywriting and editing of related new media and traditional media, and complete the collection and arrangement of relevant content materials;
4. Accurately analyze the characteristics of customers and the integration of entertainment elements such as variety shows, and cooperate with the project manager to complete the planning and implementation of the integrated brand entertainment marketing case;
5. Responsible for the company's brand building and marketing;
6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.
1. More than 1 year of industry-related work experience, graduates with majors in Chinese, journalism, advertising, etc. are preferred;
2. Clear thinking, strong comprehension and creative ability, profound and solid writing skills and expressiveness, and rich experience in copywriting;
3. Have a strong enterprising spirit, work enthusiasm, initiative, good communication and coordination skills, strong learning ability and teamwork spirit.
4. Have good marketing planning, summarization and induction skills, and be able to implant hot topics on the Internet into copywriting;
5. Proficient in word, excel, powerpoint and other office software;
6. Familiar with the national "Press Law" and "Advertising Law";
7. Those with relevant publicity and promotion experience are preferred, and party members are preferred.
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