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How should SEO engineer skill requirements and responsibilities be planned?

Beijing SEO Company-米国生活- SEO Engineer Skills Requirements and Responsibilities

Search Engine OptimizationSkill requirements

Python, Internet Marketing, Data Analysis,Search Engine Optimization TOOLS, html, PHP

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for the formulation of the SEO optimization plan for the company's official website, track and evaluate the website optimization effect, and be responsible for the natural traffic brought to the website by various search engines and external chain channels.Use online media to promote products and services and increase the popularity of the website;

2. Responsible for the optimization of the website site, website structure optimization, website code optimization, website keyword layout, website map, keyword natural ranking optimization plan formulation; participation in the formulation of url rules for each page of the website and TKD of each page;

3. Responsible for the collection, sorting and publishing of external SEO articles (mainly for the construction of website thesaurus, digging keywords and website traffic expansion); responsible for off-site optimization, creation and maintenance of external links; focusing on Baidu product content Update and maintain, including encyclopedia, know, library, experience, post bar, etc.;

4. Use keyword analysis tools, traffic statistics analysis tools, webmaster platforms and other related tools to monitor, analyze and interpret SEO data, and control SEO strategies in real time;

5. Edit articles, carry out keyword layout, and improve the collection and ranking of official website articles; monitor traffic and data analysis on the company's website and competitor websites, and timely issue processing plans and countermeasures according to the analysis results.


1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of SEO work experience, engaged in overall website optimization and have successful cases, have in-depth understanding of website promotion and operation, have done on-site optimization and off-site optimization, and have large-scale e-commerce websites SEO work experience is preferred.

2. Familiar with the latest algorithm rules of search engines, good at following the latest SEO optimization directions and technologies of major search engines, and understand the differences and scales of white hat and black hat techniques.

3. Familiar with HTML, javascript code and DIV+CSS, able to read web page code independently, able to independently build website and website optimization, including optimization of website structure, page layout, code tags, etc.

4. Have rich practical experience, corresponding SEO strategies and unique insights for methods and tools such as improving website inclusion, keyword deployment, long-tail keyword mining, website keyword ranking tracking, website traffic monitoring and analysis, etc.

5. Familiar with various seo tools, collection tools, station groups and other seo programs, and have a certain ability to mine seo resources.

6. Submit data reports on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual).

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