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Beijing SEO Company-Website Editor/Writing/Public Account Operation Specialist

Beijing SEO Company- Requirements for website editor/writer/public account operation specialist
Skill requirements:
Editing, Copywriting, Writing, PHOTOSHOP

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the construction and daily operation of the company's Weibo, WeChat and official website, including content editing and publishing, event planning, fan interaction, information monitoring, etc.

2. Write various project promotion and publicity manuscripts (invitation letters, cooperation letters, event notices), planning programs, reports, etc. to establish their own corporate culture and image brand;

3. Compile the company's PPT manuscripts, plans, soft papers, public relations manuscripts, news materials and other materials;

4. Compilation of written materials and promotional materials for the company's business;

5. Collect industry development trends, formulate marketing plans and promotion plans;

6. Familiar with the development trend of new media and mobile Internet, and very keen on this industry;

7. Do a good job in other aspects of corporate publicity, image establishment, brand promotion, etc.;

8. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.


1. Marketing, administrative management, senior secretarial, and other related majors, undergraduate degree, more than two years of relevant work experience;

2. With divergent creative thinking, good at independent thinking, strong insight, and good corporate image awareness;

3. Strong copywriting skills, excellent text organization skills, fluent expression, rich collaboration experience, able to control various styles of writing, strong logic and sensitivity, and rich experience;

4. Familiar with the whole process of duration promotion, brand planning and event planning, and have certain duration analysis ability;

5. Have good professional quality, willing to develop together with the company, and have a clear career development plan;

6, skilled use of office office software; skilled use of Photoshop software

7. Age 22-30. Experience is preferred.

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