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Interview with China Cultural Information Association米国生活Founder

Character brief introduction: Mi Jianhui, male,米国生活(Beijing) Electronic Commerce Technology Co., Ltd.Founder. In 2014, Mi Jianhui actively responded to Premier Li Keqiang's "Mass Entrepreneurship, Mass Innovation", and established the "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" on July 7.米国生活(Beijing) E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd.". After 5 years of continuous development, it has become an Internet brand promotion, network optimization technology, and project management service company with a professional team. It is a leading company in the industry. A company at the forefront of world technology. Its main businesses include: brand building,Brand Marketing, Brand PR, Brand One Belt One Road, etc.It can solve some problems of different companies from many aspects and angles, although there are still shortcomings, but米国生活Keep working hard and keep moving forward.

Those who are not strong in their aspirations are incapable of wisdom, and those who do not believe in their words are ineffective in their actions.

The ancients said: Whoever seeks the longevity of wood must consolidate its root; whoever wants to flow far, must dredge its source.Under the background of the huge market economy and the rapid development of the Internet, the competition pressure between all walks of life is very great. If you are not careful, you will fall into the abyss.Therefore, for the current company and business operators, integrity is the most basic foothold.and米国生活Mi Jianhui, the founder of the company, is such a person who seeks truth from facts, must believe what he says, must do what he says, and must act decisively.It is understood that before starting his business, Mi Jianhui worked as a project manager in a Fortune XNUMX multinational corporation and was influenced by the German corporate culture.German companies have the consciousness of excellence and the attitude of integrity-based, and constantly strive for perfect product quality.Therefore, in Mi Jianhui's heart, he will be very strict in everything he does, and he will have specific outlines and plans for each thing, so as to ensure that he is orderly in execution.However, under such an economic background, it is inevitable that some companies will go against their conscience and do something to deceive customers. Sooner or later, such companies will be wiped out by the tide of the times.Only by not forgetting the original intention, having integrity and the foundation of being a human being, and persevering, can we make good products, and the enterprise can have a foothold and be able to develop for a long time.

Heaven will give great responsibility, must first suffer its will

Mi Jianhui was founded米国生活Before (Beijing) E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd., he has engaged in many occupations, including IT, maintenance and implementation, sales, lecturer, BMW project manager, etc. These work experiences have been transformed into the driving force for Mi Jianhui to start his own business.In order to enter an international platform, Mi Jianhui worked hard on his English skills and set himself one small goal after another. After four years, he finally experienced the joy of realizing short-term goals.In practical work, I have improved my skills, studied everything in depth, and been able to do small things well, difficult things well, and big things well, and constantly accumulate experience and think about it, laying the foundation for the future development of the enterprise solid foundation.

In his spare time working at BMW in Germany, Mi Jianhui once led a small team to start a business and took the "financing route". Because of poor consideration, he did not realize that the capital market was close to saturation, and the "market" of making APPs was added. "Necessary" logic is immature, and there is not a lot of capital to support manpower to try and make mistakes, which leads to the failure of entrepreneurial attempts.But I think those who dare to start a business are those who dare to work hard. Even if the business fails, we will not lose anything, and we can also learn from it and accumulate experience, waiting for the full-fledged and next flight.The ultimate victory of entrepreneurship will be those who dare to work hard and put in energy.Mi Jianhui is such a person. He dares to innovate and accept failures. He can find the reasons from failures, not lose his way, and find himself.Therefore, in the following time, he was more focused, always paying attention to the dynamics of the market, understanding market information, and looking for the shortcomings of the market.Gradually, I have a new orientation for my entrepreneurial direction米国生活Door.

in"米国生活"In the early stage of establishment, it is the most difficult and most difficult time. Because at this time there are not only many deficiencies in the enterprise itself, but also many competitive pressures among peers. For example, the shortage of personnel reserves and the flow of the company funds, how to find customers, how to manage the company, etc. But Mi Jianhui is lucky, his bold and persistent belief has brought him the motivation to move forward, and his previous work experience has brought him even more Huge commercial value. With his strong judgment, he will米国生活Set to succeed in finding a way out for yourself before branding and online marketing.With his sales ability and work experience in Fortune 500 companies, he not only quickly found a source of customers, but also received great support in terms of technology.Therefore, it takes ten years to sharpen a sword, and if there is a will, things will come true.Compared with peers,米国生活It is very dominant. The founder Mi Jianhui has a working experience in the world's top XNUMX companies, where he has world-leading management experience, an excellent product operation model, and an avant-garde way of thinking.so米国生活The products of the company have a certain degree of recognition, which is more convincing than some ordinary companies.

Clear goals, set sail

Now that we have the goal and direction of development, let us set sail.A corporate logo design can be said to be the first impression of a company.米国生活The source is very simple. The founder of the company is surnamed Mi, and "country" means that the company can become a super large and leading company, which means that the company will have good development prospects, and it also indicates Mi Jianhui's ambition and dedication. People with similar experiences and needs come together to create a vision for a better life. The two M's on the logo also have special meanings. An M means that Mi Jianhui is a person who has his own ideas. He can always stick to his heart and will not change his goals and directions according to changes in the external environment. Learning to judge time and affairs is a skill that an excellent entrepreneur needs to have.Even when working in a large international company like BMW, you must maintain your original intention, learn to think, and not become a "machine" for work. Mi Jianhui has achieved this.Innovation can be described as a hot word in this era. If an enterprise wants to develop for a long time, it must have the spirit of innovation and the consciousness of innovation.Therefore, the other M represents that the United States should always pay attention to the direction of market development, and cultivate new products according to the development direction, so that enterprises can keep pace with the times and not be eliminated by the wave of the times.米国生活The founder Mi Jianhui is a very upright person with his own ideas, just as米国生活The outline design of the logo is the same.The general logo appearance is outlined with smooth curves, while米国生活Beijing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a trademark with square edges and corners.There are also some "mountain" shapes between the two M lines, meaning米国生活Deeply understand the inevitable existence of difficulties in the process of growing up, and accept and overcome difficulties "suffering hard like eating".Mi Jianhui is a person with desire and ambition. He has always maintained his original self, and will not be blinded by external interests. He is based on integrity and insists on himself.At the same time, he also injected ardent hope into his next generation, hoping that this kind of Chinese virtue can be maintained and passed on, and jointly build an honest and friendly market economy.

The road is long and it is long, I will go up and down to seek

On the road of our growth, there will always be a lot of ups and downs, we may be confused, we may be overwhelmed, but as long as we have a heart that will always move forward, we will eventually reach our destination.When Mi Jianhui couldn't solve market problems and couldn't see the market clearly, he learned from his peers humbly and solved it from his peers.After a few months of "apprenticeship" to solve problems, Mi Jianhui obtained the thinking of adapting to the environment of Chinese small, medium and micro enterprises from the world standard management method, improved the management method, and chose a suitable path for the development of his own enterprise .

When we walk to the crossroads of life, we inevitably have to make a lot of choices, choices on development goals, choices on conscience, and so on.If one day goes wrong, I think today's米国生活cannot be established.Mi Jianhui said that every career he has engaged in is a preparation for one of his long-term goals.For this long-term goal, he chose a suitable career on the road of life, which gave him sales skills, financial skills, management skills and so on.We can learn from Mi Jianhui that as long as it is what we are determined to do, we must persevere all the way and not be lost by the scenery along the road.

The future is when you stand on one side of the vast sea, looking at the other side of the sea, full of curiosity, looking forward to this longing for the sea, it is the ignorance and yearning for the unknown, which is why you have the ability to chase the future. courage.Now the small goals set by Mr. Mi are being completed one by one.米国生活It has also been established, and now Mr. Mi is concerned about米国生活development in the next three to five years.Company expansion is a necessary and very rigorous thing. During the expansion period, a lot of manpower is required, and a large reserve of funds is required.So in the next two years, whatever米国生活No matter how it develops, it will maintain its original intention, be positive, and keep moving forward.

If I am strong, the country will be strong

As the saying goes, "a strong youth makes a country strong".Mi Jianhui believes that we should not put too much pressure on teenagers, but should take the initiative to take more responsibility and set an example for teenagers.If I am strong, the country will be strong. If the country is strong, the youth will be strong. If the youth is strong, the family will be strong. If the family is strong, the country will be strong.Tian Xingjian, the gentleman is self-improvement.No matter what we do, we must have a heart that wants to develop and move forward. At the same time, we must keep up with the trend of the times, innovate, develop new products, and make better things to attract attention.We must do our best, just like Mi Jianhui, the establishment of an enterprise requires everyone to work together.Although it is a child from the countryside, although there is nothing before, but after our hard work, we will have it.If I am strong, the country will be strong. Only each of us Chinese will work hard together, support each other, help each other, and the country will be strong.

It is under the leadership of such an entrepreneur and米国生活Under the continuous research and development of innovative new project service projects to meet the higher demand of the rapid and stable development of the market,米国生活Only with today's development, if every enterprise can be like米国生活When companies that operate with integrity are so honest and trustworthy, they can provide more value-added services in addition to meeting the needs of customers, then building a high-quality business environment that is in line with the international community is just around the corner. Our market economy still has Huge room for unlimited growth.

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