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SEO Vendor Reliable Services and Resources

reliableSEO vendorIt takes a lot of tempering to truly be based on SEO optimization and brand marketing industry.

SEO vendor

How to judge the characteristics that SEO suppliers should have, we will explain from the following aspects:

SEO Vendor Industry Background

SEO is an industry with deep water. It does not mean that SEOers or SEO companies are born with deep waters, and SEO suppliers have no way to do it. The main reasons are:

  • SEO practitioners want to operate on the site of search engines, and the final decision lies insearch engineIt's not about SEOer, so a good SEOer can better guarantee the effect of SEO. However, the effect of SEO can be divided into temporary effect and long-term effect. Customers can't tell the difference under normal circumstances. Judgment reference standard: the temporary effect is generally If you don’t go for a long time, you will accumulate a lot of resources for a long time, and the cost is quite high. Some SEO companies will accumulate a lot of resources for themselves in order to find customers, but it will not be high. The cost is done for the customer, because the loss-making business does not exist.
  • SEO is the accumulation of experience, optimization experience and skills found through a lot of tests, and optimization experience and skills themselves are not difficult, but the relationship is very complex, this logical relationship is intellectual property, even if you are a teacher, no master is willing to teach apprentices Starving the master to death was not impossible in ancient times for inheritance, but in the current era of materialistic desires, human relationships, human cultivation, and human principles are all very fragile. While competition for production materials has intensified, it has led to the need for inheritance. Object selection is very difficult.Without inheritance, you cannot stand on the shoulders of giants. You can only find a way to grope yourself and crawl to the top of the SEO pyramid.Resulting in the flattening of the SEO pyramid, the gap between the rich and the poor is huge.
  • SEO OutsourcingIn the chaos of the industry, many outsourcing companies are also unreliable. Some are based on a certain business model, which induces profits to make money from agents and customers. Some directly take the money and do nothing. , The contract is basically difficult to use as the basis for commercial credit, especially when the price is cheap and will not spend money on lawsuits, the layers of SEO are unreliable, and the SEO industry is in dire straits.

SEO Supplier Qualification

The SEO industry belongs to the subdivision of search engine marketing in the Internet marketing industry, but SEO practitioners often take all the business of search engine marketing and Internet marketing into their own business scope, including:Website optimization,press release, word-of-mouth publication, advertising promotion,Brand SEO, public opinion monitoring, negative suppression, brand public relations, website construction, overseas marketing, etc., these businesses are indeed related, but we have no reference to whether SEO suppliers have the ability to do the whole case.
High-quality SEO supplier selection reference:

  • Relevant in the brand marketing industryBrand social honor;
  • In the field of SEO optimization, there are technical research and verification technology brand optimization cases and basic matureSEO Methodology;
  • The technical core members of the SEO team have a computer or information technology university education background;
  • google optimizationThe team has written or oral communication skills in English and other foreign languages;
  • SEO project management team has management ability or passedITProject managementexam;
  • Reliable partners with relevant services in the industry;

SEO Vendor Resources

If you want to be a good SEO supplier, you need SEO technical theory, SEO optimization operation experience, and SEO optimization successful cases, as well as various SEO resources, such as external link resources, website directory resources, friendly link resources, dial-up server resources, and spider crawlers. Resources, Baidu communication technology resources and manual communication portal resources; simulation click tool resources, IP traffic access resources, news release resources, know Q&A and other word-of-mouth release resources, video release resources, brand planning content planning resources, Weibo fan communication/WeChat Moments / Douyin and other advertising and marketing resources, overseas promotion of facebook, youtube, tweeter social media and Bloomberg, Business Insider, NASDAQ, Asia News Online, Asia Pacific News Network, ADV Finance, Excite (Japan), Asahi Shimbun (Japan) ), AsiaOne (Singapore), Financial Insights (France), Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance and other world-class financial and information station news media resources; etc.

SEO Vendor Capabilities

Under normal circumstances, the SEO we say simply refers to website optimization SEO, which only optimizes the website and keywords, and the publication outside the station is limited to keyword deployment, and it is SEO-style deployment.
and we saidSEO Vendor Capabilities, should have the optimization of the whole network, including not only the ranking of the website, but also need to be able to handle Baidu related searches, Baidu others are still searching,Baidu image optimization, Baidu video optimization,Baidu news news optimization, Baidu customer service phone optimization, Baidu first three page optimization brand optimization.
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